A miniature tricopter


Specs Shrediquette DLXm
Motor shaft distance: 132 mm
Max. dimension: 259 mm
Weight: 230 g
Props: 5x3 3-blade GWS
Motors: Roxxy 2216-25
ESCs: Turnigy Plush 6A with I²C->PWM converters
Battery: 3S, 800 mAh
Max thrust per motor: 237 g
Thrust to weight ratio: 3.1:1
Total current during hover: 4 A
Endurance: 11 mins

Here is a Video:
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  • Only 1 complaint about this is the 3 ADXR2610'S ($24.95/PC) and the ADXL322 ($29.95) prices and the use of multiple components! Would be nice to use maybe a single 6 or 9 DOF board!

  • coooooooooooooooool i want this
  • Would have preferred this over what Marcy 2 became, but it was about the money. The absolute cheapest motor comes down to the Towerpro 2410-9 & the most durable servo is the Futaba S3102. Going smaller gets painful.
  • Extend the motors out and get the props away from the center and re-tune and i think you could increase the hang time. Minimizing the overall width IMHO is causing extra drag. Minimize what is behind/under the props.
  • More than cool! I so want one!
  • cool
  • The picture has an Arduino Pro Mini in it. Must be it's brain.
  • This has nothing to do with me. Follow the link you will find more detail.
  • Looks great !
  • Sweet! What controller are you using?
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