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A quad with everything for less than $100


HobbyKing's done it again. Check out this deal: their mini-quad with four motors for $33.95! (Or $31.95 if you just let your browser sit open on that page for a few minutes). 

All you need to add to make a RC quad (in addition to your regular RC system and LiPo batteries) is:

That's $90 all told.  Now, in fairness, this is a pretty crappy little frame and it won't last past a crash or two. I also wouldn't expect too much outside in the wind. But what a great way to get started! 

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  • Hello Chris and everyone

    By TOY I meant what the Hobby King was making. All I said was that your leadership is a good thing to have for commercial flight of the UAVs in USA, please see the link below. It was not lack of appreciation or questioning you, on the contrary it was a positive statement meant that you are in a unique position to influence the minds in USA.

    @Millete: This is a good example PR to change the mindset:


    @Ellison: The commercial flight of the drones does not mean a military operation, our minds are so bent around military applications of the drones that I fear we are unable to fathom any non-military operations or it has to be toys. 

  • I hope we don't stop making toys.  Let the military make serious drones.  My drones, will always be fun and some day they'll be useful.

  • Dara, 

    Legally in the USA they need to be called toys. I work in the field of UAS's and if you call them a UAV/UAS then you will need to follow different regulations. That the FAA is currently working on. Also, if you use a "UAS" for commercial it is illegal with a autopilot or not.... You cannot use an Unmanned Aircraft for profit in the USA with out a Certificate of Authorization or an Experimental Airworthy Certificate from the FAA. So our toys are fun to play with and I am happy with the work that Chris has done with the Group here.... 

    Thanks for all your help and support with this hobby Chris...


  • 3D Robotics

    Dara: What's wrong with toys? I got started in this hobby doing this with my kids, and I still think that's an ideal target market. The Parrot AR.Drone (200,000 sold) has done a huge amount to bring people into our world. We want to be able to reach people of all aptitudes and abilities. The failure of most early open source autopilots is that they were too "serious" and thus inaccessible to most people. 

    There's no reason why this community, properly structured, can't be a place for both advanced technology pioneers and beginners, both serious UAVs and toys. 

  • Hello Chris

    Could you guide us with your leadership to start making serious UAVs and steer away from toys. If not you who else?

    Thank you.


  • I am so thankful for all the hard work and information people post here!
    What a great community!  Puts rcgroups to bed! 

  • I have the blueskyrc.com kit. Very durable and you can replace parts if they break.
    BlueSkyRC -- Now Closed
  • 100KM

    I would add 20 bucks and upgrade to this frame: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

  • I use these 1200Kv ones, from HK, and they work fine with plenty of power for flying with 9x5" props and good response.  but if you want to heavy lift, the lower kv, likeDT750, are better.  

    The motors that come with this wooden frame are 2300kv, but only run on 2s batteries.  You need them that high with the 2s and they recommend 6x3 props.  It's not going to be a heavy lifter, but should be good for some pretty tame flying.  These motors are not very efficient, I suspect.  It weighs 16g.

    Oh and for those, who don't know about HK Buddy codes, there's a web site where you can get discounts from people who post their Buddy codes.  This kit can be gotten for $28,36.  You'll need to have a Hobby King account to see the swarm price.


  • It's a good deal.  If I wasn't printing, and making my own frames now I'd get one of those.  I think wood makes a good frame.  Nature's version of carbon fibre, and non-toxic.

    Honestly, how many quad frames can survive any kind of real crash. (Except my Firefly, of course.)

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