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  • Stephen,
    The victim should feel free to sue the maker of the helicopter I presume on those grounds ... were she lucky enough to have kept it.
  • Check out these idiots flying a 100cc airplane in a public park.
  • I am ashamed that this happened in my city. Irresponsible idiots!
  • Well in the USA they have to leave room in the law so that the lawyers can make some money!
  • Authorized is a relative term. Top fuel dragsters are not allowed on the street. A guy wildly driving a Yugo thou a neighborhood full of children happily playing in the street!! OMG ban cars on the street. A transplanted Russian scientist once told me "In old USSR, if it is not permitted it is forbidden, In USA ,if it is not forbidden it is permitted. That is the difference".
  • It's the pilot(s) fault full stop!

    He's flying in a non authorized area. People go to the RC flying fields and pay for insurance with the understanding that you're doing it at your own risk and the AMA (or the like) will cover you if you "accidently" cause damages or bodily harm...that's how the FAA/AMA regulate it.

    Flying in the park is putting people and especially children at risk and the way I see it is just as stupid and irresponsible as "drag racing" on the street.
  • If you believe her story, she said it was going around her head. Only the truth is known to the witnesses and participants. Could it be they were young men trying to impress, with their skills, a young girl in the park? I think it was a buzz job and either equipment failure or more likely an OOPS. All I have to go by is the news video.
    @Dr. Crossfire
    I don't know the proximity of the pilot to the victim, but if she was walking towards it, it was too low. And I agree crowd control can be an issue. If there is a crowd present then you maybe shouldn't be flying there. Not everyone is as skilled and competent as you seem to be. When rapid advances in technology enable the few to become many, then gov't regulation will surely fallow.
  • Admin
    @bGatti, thanks for clarification I see your point now. But I would blame the parent first , local police second, then the FAA. My apologies for misunderstanding since I am no were near FAA and had to develop a common sense for safe flying conditions. We however are governed by local authorities for flying these things in dedicated areas and RC flying is licensed sports ( one has to exhibit his RC skills and get licence before he gets to buy gas/nitro powered planes or radio). We also have few di** heads who consider catching Trex 600 Nitro in air as cool thing to do :(( but I won't cry if his fingers get chopped of but will cry murder when a bystander gets buzzed to be hurt
    Yes , we all know that any thing flying attracts people and kids but isn't it/safety the responsibility of the flyer first?!
  • Tampa is more like China than Calif*. No laws against much of anything. Anything goes out there. The kids got off because they reported the accident. When this hit rcgroups several months ago, the question was whether the victim was walking towards the copter or the copter was flying towards the victim, doing stunts. Usually people gravitate towards anything that flies, so you have to do crowd control in addition to flying.

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