AlceOSD - Graphical OSD for APM/PX4



Due to the limitations of minimosd, for some time that I've been working on developing a new OSD for APM/PX4.

As of today, AlceOSD 0v3 is available for sale at:

Firmware available at:

Documentation is available at (WIP):

The firmware is open source project so all kind of contributors are welcome!

Let me know your thoughts and new ideas for the OSD!

Latest flight (hw 0v2):

First flight (hw 0v1):

Batch of the first 10 prototype boards:


Assembled board (2.5 x 5.0 cm, 6 grams weight):


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  • An updated OSD has been needed.  Looks good.

    I have been looking for a improved OSD for a couple of projects.

  • You are correct Adrian and I already fixed it.

    The value was inverted (it was showing the roll angle).

  • Looks great. Very interested. Had a look at the video.. should the horizon be rotating in the opposite direction to stay in line with the horizon in the video? It seems to be rotating in the wrong direction.
  • Very good project. Just donated for 1 board...

  • Developer

    I have this one on youtube..

    Quantracker OSD maiden

    I had another vid but since  am trying to promote legal 25 mW Vtx power in Uk and it shows me out at 2.2 km on a 25 mW 5.8 GHz Vtx, I decided to take it down as being iressponsible :)

    The main Font in the vid is from MinimOSD but I hope subtly vector..  the compass which has a home arrow is done with a runtime rotated bitmap and the artificial horizon is computed with runtime calcs of sines and cosines.. which is showing off really since the MPU has a hardware floating point unit. The letters in the compass are a smaller font so though it doesnt look too different it is subtly so. One thing that does needs work is the potentially slow update rate of mavlink on APM. It would be nice to get the artificial horizon less jerky..

    Andrew Fernie has done some work on the OSD too

    Altitude bar

    The OSD is capable of much more, its just coasting really in those vids , but I am currently hard at work on some other stuff :(

    Anyway If you release your code,it would be interesting to try and get it running on my Hardware..



  • 100KM

    Finally! I was waiting for someone to update APM's OSD system! Sign me up!

  • Nice project Andy! I wasn't aware of it.

    Yes, mine uses a 16-bit dsPIC but the video overlay circuit is different.

    I'll be releasing all schematics and code soon anyway.

    I targeted the project to be as cheap as possible (mass production target price can go as low as 20~25€) which seems to be a very good price for the osd.

    By the way, do you have any demo videos from your project? I only found 1 in youtube and just looks like minimosd.

  • Distributor

    Very cool indeed :-)  Nice to see a true alternative to minimOSD

  • Developer

    Looking interesting. I guess it uses a Microchip PIC? Though I dont understand the great secret about the overlaycircuitry?  Its pretty much a solved problem these days.. I have a video overlay circuit that works very crisply here for those that are interested in such things . Also an OSD designed to replace MinimOSD as yours described here

    I will certainly be interested to follow this as it develops though.



    FPV antenna tracker based on a STM32F4 Discovery board and a pololu style servo motor - kwikius/quantracker
  • Thanks for the support words!

    I've done the first flight with the OSD today. It was a bit windy but I really enjoyed! The view was so much clean!

    I missed some stuff, like my home direction arrow and home altitude, so that will be the next thing I'll add!

    Also I need to fix the artificial horizon scales (roll scale is too high!)

    Still a lot of work to do... :)

    I still have 5 boards available to whoever wants to test or even contribute by developing code (check project website).

    I'm even considering adding support for UAVtalk (used by openpilot). Should be really easy!

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