One of the attractive Andruav features is that besides the built-in FPV features and multi drone tracking, is the ability to provide a telemetry over internet between your drone and your GCS. The connection uses mobile internet which means that telemetry range is unlimited.

The above video uses a multiwii board from HK with a bluetooth module. the module is connected to Andruav-Drone mobile. Andruav Drone communicates using Mobile network via Andruav server to Andruav GCS. Then I useEZ-GUI to connect using TCP to Andruav GCS mobile.


As we can see still you can make remote camera shooting and read Andruav Drone sensors independent of quadcopter multiwii board. Still you can use othe Drone-GCS and track the same quad, or you can quad other drones using the same Andruav - GCS using the many-to-many Andruav communication.


You may download Andruav from here 

For info how to use and setup is here

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    You can set MAVProxy to 'proxy' MAVLink data streams. It's pretty easy to set-up. The challenge is getting the router correctly forwarding data on you internal network to the host server.

  • I plan to share a version of the communication protocol, so that ppl. can make Andruav compatible, however this should be after reaching a certain point of performance and experience, so that library be stable -no radical changes- so that developers could build their systems on it.

  • Wich license have this software?

    Do you plan to open-it at some point?

  • good luck ... I hope you find it as useful as you expect

  • This looks really interesting. I'll have to dig out one of my old android phones and give it a go.

  • for some reason video does not appear.... please check this video for setting procedures.

  • Both GCS & Drone Andruavs communicates with Andruav server, so there is no direct communication between them, so the idea of communicating under one or more towers is not valid for this model because they are always separated. 

    Also for Andruav-GCS you can use wifi of your home/laptop-tethering ...etc. whenever suitable, you dont need both mobiles to use 3G.

    You can measure the delay yourself easily just try Andruav on single mobile, it will give ping delay once it connected. just follow setting procedures below.



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    >240-380 ms delay

    How is this impacted when the server is a different geolocation than the phones? What's the impact when the drone and GCS are connected on different cell towers?

    LTE can deliver 10ms latency when you are all on local hotspot. real world is always about ~500ms

    The video already shows connected mobiles over internet... my connection is only 512kb which is ultra slow :) and it is still working fine.
  • benbojangles  You can use DroidPlanner instead of EZ-GUI it works great as well. you can use it for RTL over Andruav.

    Please let me know if this is not what u think.

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