Another GoPro competitor

3689468383?profile=originalI recently noticed these cameras in one of my local stores.  By the looks of it they are basically built along the same lines as the GoPros.  I'm not sure how they compare, but if anyone has any experience with these little cameras, please feel free to post you comments.  You can find more info on their website here:

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  • Carl, no worries on the HD then.  I'll try to look at videos online to get a feel for quality.

  • Ive a Geonaute 720p which is the same as the AEE, the only thing I find when using a Vid TX is the amount of icons on the screen, they are out of the way of the picture which is excellant

  • I could take some, The down side is that I live in the middle of nowhere and have satt internet and am stuck on usage quotas. 

  • @Carl:  do you have any HD footage?  I'd be curious to compare the quality with GoPros.

  • This is some video I shot this afternoon with my Swann Freestyle HD. The source video was 720p 60 frames.  I used minimal vibration dampening and I think it came out pretty clear. Mjolnir 0.5 test flight.

    Windows 7 picked it up with no special drivers needed.  It just saw it as a flash drive.  

  • And yet another contender:

    Please feel free to add to the list.  It would be nice to have a reference point for all of these small sports cameras.

    CamOneTec | Willkommen bei CamOneTec - Westwood - Germany
    CamOneTec, mit den Marken CamOne, CarCamOne und FlyCamOne – steht für hohe Qualität und herausragende Produkte. Die umfangreiche Produktpalette biete…
  • I think these are old because in the spec listing they don't list windows 7 as a compatible system, just Win XP, mac,ect.

    But if it can be had for 100 bucks I guess it's worth it, as long as it works with win7.

  • The SC-21 looks exactly like the Swann Freestyle.  I picked one up off Woot for about $100 a while back.  It shoots OK video enough for my use anyway and it was cheaper then a Go Pro. 

  • China strikes again.

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