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  • Any update on this?  Still can't see 2.6 in the store so still waiting on the GPS case?

  • Joshua, is it possible to get the APM 2.6 in advance and receive the protective case later on? Could you enable the device in your online shop again?


    thx, Gerhard

  • Crashpilot, Yes that technical bulletin is the beginning of the effort. Your point is a good one :-)

    Gustav, Let me know if I can help.

    Bjorn, The 2.6 and the GPS+compass are in stock, just waiting on the protective case for the GPS. 

    Soviet87, If you decide to modify your 2.5 to work with an external compass in the future, it is a reasonably simple process. In an airplane, the external compass is less important, as it's easier to achieve separation between the APM and the sources of EM.

    Christoi, 2.5 cases will be in stock in the next day or two.

  • Is this coming with the same case as 2.5?
    Because nowhere on the net any kind of 2.5 cases are available, so waiting a bit for 2.6 is a solution.

  • Just ordered the APM 2.5 plus LEA-6. Got tired of waiting for the 2.6 combo. I figured that if the only different was the compass, why not just order the tried and true 2.5?. I ordered on Friday. Hopefully I will get it by the end of next week as I can start doing some testing with my SU-47 foamy!

  • Eh... I am still waiting. I was about to order a couple of APM's for our SAR testplanes when I saw this thread starting up. I decided to hold off until the new version came out. Chris said end of the week so I have been checking daily but still no sign of it on the 3DR store. Then a perplexing post above, about the 2.6 already being available for Canadian orders!?

    What's up?. Summer is here at last and I need the APM's now. Should I just order 2.5's or should we maybe take a leap and start learning to use the PX4 ?

  • Thanks Joshua,

    I might have located a replacement part locally.

  • Is there a complete warning list of possible problems/caveats for each of the last 3 official hard & software revisions? I think a project of that size and versatility needs that. I really don't mean that offensive or in a bad way. A good error culture improves the trust of the user and saves him hours of work and unpleasant experiences.

  • Gustav,

    The developers are working on the code, this would be a customer support topic. If you bought your board through jDrones you should contact them, or you can contact us through sales@3drobotics. Did you see the part spec in the tech bulletin?

    That may be something you have access to locally. Send me a PM if you have any questions.

  • Hi Joshua,

    Sorry, thought you were part of the dev team.

    APM is in a jDrones quad at the moment, using GPS, and 3dr link.

    APM might go to a Skywalker at a later stage, where airspeed will be added.

    If someone from the dev team reads this, surely the part can be sticky taped to a card, and sent by snailmail ?

    Heck of a lot cheaper than doing a back and forth type of return.....

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