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  • You do have to have both cables hooked up on the new GPS/Mag setup, with one connection going to the new gps port, and the other to the I2C port. I would triple check your connections. The pins are really small, and you could probably brute force the cable on incorrectly if you are not careful.

  • SAME HERE.  I thought I had damaged my gps/compass and just ordered a new one.

    Anyone know a solution?  

  • Same here, red LED on the gps/compass and "compass initialization failed!" message.

    To bad 3DRobotics is not responding to the messages regarding this problem :(


  • I've got APM 2.6 with external gps/compass but so far with wrong 6-6pin cable.

    Should compass work without gps cable connection?

    There is red solid led on external gps/compass but in CLI it says "compass initialization fails!"

    Will connecting both cables help?


  • Any idea when the ublox case will become available for purchase? 

  • Chris, I got my APM last week and just noticed today (as I was placing everything onto the Hexa) that I, too, was sent the wrong cable. It's a 6pin to 6pin cable. Either side fits fine into the GPS module port, but they will not fit into the APM at all. I've submitted a support email on the 3DRobotics site, listing my order and requesting the proper cable be sent out to me. 

    I'm not going to be pulling the wires out and jerry-rigging the setup... I'll just wait for the proper cable to be sent out. 

  • Funny how a few hours after I complained here I received a shipped notification for my order. Coincidence?

    Anyway, I hope it will be at my doorstep soon.

  • 3D Robotics


    I think that your APM is in a batch that's waiting for GPS cases to ship. The first batch of the new GPSs sold out much faster than expected, and the next batch is due in later this week. 


  • Speak to Chris above Mathieu. He is CEO, and these things are happening under his watch. He has escallated my particular issue, he might do the same for yours. Hopefully a long term strategy is in the works too.


    I am still without my order or any detail on when or how it will be shipped, but at least 3DR has a CEO who appreciates how bloody annoying and how damaging to reputation this sort of thing is.

  • Just like Euan, I too am still waiting for my APM to ship!   I ordered it the first day it came out and everything in my order was in stock, but for some unknown reason, it takes forever to ship!!  

    After a few days, I contacted support and added an item to my order, but it is still ON HOLD... no idea why.I order a lot online and this is one of the most terrible customer service I've seen so far :(  As much as I was excited to get my APM 2.6+, I really am disappointed by 3dr support so far.

    My order number is R354246778 if you ever want to check on it. If it could at least ship.. that would be good.

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