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  •  I have received an explanation  for the invoice.  It seems this is an internal document for shipping support.  As an 35 year accountant, I can understand this.  I think the invoice should be noted as a shipping document.  and remove pricing. 

    It turns out that I was being shipped a GPS cover.  The good news is I did not need the cover and let customer server know that.  This is a good example of over reacting and I owe the warehouse and apology.  I am sorry for over reacting. 


    This is a good time to talk about a customer rep  Lexie Lex.  She has been the most helpful CS rep I have ever worked with.  If you want your shipping problems solved ask for Lexie.  Tell her Tony sent you. 

  • Sorry it was only $27.00 freight.  I  have always said the warehouse dept is the whole problem with  3d robotics. 

  • I just receive an order notification #: R840505568 for an order that I did not place and will not pay for.  A $5.00 item and $31.00 freight.  this is crazy.  What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think there is a more fundamental question that 3DR need to answer here - why a 5/6 cable???? Why not a standard 5/5 or 6/6??? Why did they change the port from the 2.5 to the 2.6 edition?

  • Very good Gustav, but there are some things you might not want to DIY. I for one would prefer to buy premade cables, given I don't have the tools nor the repeated activity of cable creating/modifying. Once my cables are on, they're on. That's it.


    I can't say learning how to hack DF13's sockets - with my eyes at least - is something I consider to be a life skills. Route planning, stick control, vehicle dynamics yes. Cable

  • DIY usually does mean do it yourself.

    Also probably one of the better ways to learn something ?

  • Yippee! Full success :)

    I couldn't wait for cable replacement so made 6 to 5 pin cable myself by replacing connector on one of the sides. 1 minute job with a needle. No soldering or anything.

    And now it works!

    Make sure you skip one cable like on cable picture here:

    Good luck to you all.

  • *and compass
  • I orders a load of longer "ublox" cables with my external GPS and none of them work as the port format has changed. Yeah thanks for that 3DR...
  • So my and many others problem is with the wrong cable shipped wit the new APM 2.6 + GPS/Mag unit, 6 to 6 compering to the correct 6 to 5 pin cable.

    3DRobotics is shipping new cable, let's see if this solves the problem.

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