APM 2.6 - TBS Discovery Build


Hello everyone,

I am super excited to be back on the board and ready to play with my new incoming APM! I have had some experience with the DJI Naza but I always felt that I was missing out on something. So here I am today about to begin my build.  

Here's the build:

TBS Discovery frame

APM 2.6 w/ external compass and uBlox GPS (Awaiting Shipping)

3DR Telemetry Kit (Awaiting Shipping)

4x RCTimer HP-2212 1000 kV Motors

4x RCTimer SK-30A SimonK ESCs

Turnigy 9XR

FrSky DJT Combo

4x RCTimer Carbon Fibre 9x4.7 Props

I picked the TBS Discovery for a bunch of reasons but I am really concerned about its integrated PCD bottom plate causing havoc with the APM. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've searched far and wide on the web for similar APM TBS Discovery setups but I have been unable to find any photos or explanations about how to best connect & place everything. So if anyone has similar experience please chime in.

Eventually, I want to FPV but I need to hide some more cash away from the wife before I do that. So in the meantime, I'm looking forward to tinkering with the APM and playing the telemetry. 

I know everyone has a lot of experience here so please help me out with suggestions.

.... Sooooooo excited!

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  • I just upgraded my fpv sc2000 cam tonight with a low light f2.0 lens. My TBS can now see better in the dark than I can :-)


  • This is my Rig im planning to change it with 10X3.8 from RCtimer


  • @robert how was the RCtimer 10X3.8 props compare to 10X4.5?

  • @Antonio... 

    Hello Antonio, after you did your last post, I had put all parameter that you need to config the TBS Disco with APM 2.5...
    The config values didn´t helped you to fly?

    I don´t agree that "... no-one ever seems to reply to my posts..."

    Can you explain what is the TBS behavior? Check the values that I had posted at the same day you did the question about TBS parameters.

    My quad flies very stable with APM 2.5

    Don´t hesitate to do a question... we can learn together!


  • Next week I'm going to get the TBS frame and i will try it with normal firmaware 3.0.1 x quad mode , and i will check it .

  • Heres 2 links to youtube videos i shot with it just messing around.


    and a tilt shift version here


    No software stabilisation only the onboard camera mount.


  • 3692864062?profile=original

  • Hi Agmad,

    I did not change any source files, i just used 3.01 and set it to Quad - V in the mission planner.

    I spend quite alot of time tuning it and got it flying but wasn't happy with the stability so i opted for a DJI Naza lite in the end went it, no tuning required and flys better than anything i have seen.

    I would like to get the Ardupilot back in there for the great functionality and features it offers but i need some help in tuning and no-one ever seems to reply to my posts.

    I want to try and learn how to tune using the logged data after a flight this must be possible but need some guidelines. Any clues???

    Also look at how i mounted the APM, I took some M3 plastic spacers with a thread on one end and dyed them to m2 and then screwed them into the holes in the discovery frame into the arms. and used some rubber o rings to isolate any vibration.  works a treat, my accel x and y measured 0.1 in the log (best ive ever got).


  • hey guys
    fantastic job , also i planning to put my APM 2.6 board on the TBS Discovery frame ,,
    but someone can help me about the firmware , is it correct that i need to chane the motor angle in the firmware ??

  • Here are my current settings.


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