APM anti-vibration floating plate


It looks nice, so I hope it does the job :-)

Its effectively a floating plate on specific anti-vibration grommets.  The APM then sits on anti-vibration pads.

The jDrones telemetry expansion board is also mounted onto this plate for its close proximity to the APM.

The plates are made from carbon fibre along with the rest of the OctoCopter, all designed in CAD and CNC milled.

The grommets are the same as here:





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    Looks a little like my plate with grommets then pads on the APM. :)

  • Moderator

    FeiyuTech recomment this for the Multicopter version of the FY41AP.

    I'm sure APM would performe even better with something like this for antivibration. Pretty easy and low cost to make in numbers.

  • Probably lots of folks resell them but FeiYu Tech is the one that makes them, it seems.



  • Robert, now that is neat looking.  I only wonder why they have the links which are straight?  If they were all circles, it would be much better.  That design will isolate vertical vibes well, but fore-aft will go right through?

  • diydrone should sell a complet anti vibration system like this..

  • Robert

    I've seen those before. Who's selling these again?

  • Moderator

    This solution is also working very well.

    Maybe something like this can be made for the APM?


  • Moderator

    @Harry, both Andreas and I also go the low-tech way with bamboo skewers and hot glue.  It seems to work very well.


  • You guys would cringe at how I mounted mine.  I use radioshack hookup wire tied to the frame and the APM, twisted tight.  The mounting medium is several layers of bubble wrap folded over tight and held together with masking tape.  I'm not saying vibrations are super low, but the logs say it is within tolerance, and it flies and it was cheap.

  • Euan, I am using some GEL MEC dampers, see my post here http://diydrones.com/xn/detail/705844:Comment:1338458

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