APM Planner 2.0.18 for Raspberry Pi 2


Hi, Just a quick note to people wanting to run APM Planner 2.0 on the Raspberry Pi 2 and don't want to build it from the source code. Community member Carpy has created a build to download.

It will run on any ARMv7 debian based platform, i.e. Ubuntu or Jessie, it's experimental so please report issues.

For download go here

For support please go here


AP2 Team.

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  • Hi Dave, I am also getting the same error when attempting to run apm planner. FATAL -  Could not initialize OpenGL. How did u solve it?

    PS: The link us shared is not working

  • Hi Laurence.

    Support is handled here

  • I too have the issue where i can install with Ubuntu mate, the initial start up shows, but then closes after 15-20 seconds. Is there a fix for this?

  • 3702071035?profile=original

  • Finaly, got APM Planner 2.0.18 fully working on my Raspberri Pi 2 with Ubuntu Mate 15.04. Thanks Bill

  • Developer
    Support is handled here
  • Bill, pls help, thanks in advance, Rana

  • I am able to run the APM Planner 2.0.18 on Ubuntu Mate 15.04 with RPi 2 but facing some issue in serial port


  • Awesome, I wish I'd stumbled across this 3 hours ago!
  • administrator@Rpi:~/Desktop$ cd\
    administrator@Rpi:~$ apmplanner2
    libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
    /usr/share/themes/Yuyo-Dark/gtk-2.0/Apps/libreoffice.rc:40: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "Entry/entry-border-bg-solid.png"
    /usr/share/themes/Yuyo-Dark/gtk-2.0/Apps/libreoffice.rc:43: Background image options specified without filename
    /usr/share/themes/Yuyo-Dark/gtk-2.0/Apps/libreoffice.rc:49: Unable to locate image file in pixmap_path: "Entry/entry-border-active-bg-solid.png"
    /usr/share/themes/Yuyo-Dark/gtk-2.0/Apps/libreoffice.rc:52: Background image options specified without filename
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.471 QGCCore::initialize()
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.473 Current Build Info
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.473 Git Hash: 51b6aa9218a0042744c31a7ea6f03752e5c9baa9
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.473 Git Commit: 2.0.18-DEV
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.473 APPLICATION_NAME: "APM Planner"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.474 APPLICATION_VERSION: "v2.0.18"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.474 APP_PLATFORM: ubuntu32
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.474 APP_TYPE: stable
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.800 Start Link Manager
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:50.801 Create MAVLinkDecoder:  MAVLinkDecoder(0x6fac3008)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:50.810 Start UAS Manager
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:51.216 Creating MainWindow
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:51.773 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x1945920)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:51.774 setting objectName:  "VIEW_MISSION"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:52.013 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x199cae8)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:52.014 setting objectName:  "VIEW_FLIGHT"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:52.183 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x19e4158)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:52.184 setting objectName:  "VIEW_HARDWARE_CONFIG"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:54.193 fillPortsInfo  
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:54.214 Inserting  "ttyAMA0"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:54.215 Changed Link to: "ttyAMA0"
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:55.918 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x22f3940)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:55.919 setting objectName:  "VIEW_SOFTWARE_CONFIG"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:56.041 Disable Controls
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:57.058 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x235e9c0)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:57.058 setting objectName:  "VIEW_ENGINEER"
    QObject::connect: No such signal QTableView::currentCellChanged(int,int,int,int)
    QObject::connect:  (sender name:   'tableWidget')
    QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'AP2DataPlot2D')
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:57.233 Creating SubMainWindow:  SubMainWindow(0x248a460)
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:57.234 setting objectName:  "VIEW_SIMULATOR"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.517 MODE: 0
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.521 "D|PREFLIGHT"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.523 MODE: 80
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.525 "D|STABILIZED"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.527 MODE: 64
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.528 "D|MANUAL"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.530 MODE: 88
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.532 "D|VECTOR|STABILIZED"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.534 MODE: 92
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.536 "D|AUTO|STABILIZED"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.538 MODE: 66
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:57.540 "D|TEST"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.006  QUrl( "file:///usr/share/APMPlanner2/qml/PrimaryFlightDisplayQML.qml" )  
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.411 QML Status: 1
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.422  QUrl( "file:///usr/share/APMPlanner2/qml/PrimaryFlightDisplayQML.qml" )  
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.680 QML Status: 1
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:58.718 UASActionsWidget creating  UASActionsWidget(0x28e4a98)
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.737 QuickView: load settings
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.740 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Altitude (GPS) (m)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.813 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Altitude (REL) (m)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.823 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Battery (%)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.835 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Climb (m/s)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.851 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Current (A)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.868 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.GPS Fix ()"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.885 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.GPS HDOP (m)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.908 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.GPS Sats ()"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.933 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Pitch (deg)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.959 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Roll (deg)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:58.987 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Voltage (V)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:59.017 QuickView: loading key:  "GCS Status.Yaw (deg)"  type: "text"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:59.071 QuickView: load settings END
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:59.451 Using Alsa Audio driver
     WARN 2015-08-14T13:13:59.453 Dir directory tmp_audio exists
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:59.503 qmlBaseDir "/usr/share/APMPlanner2"
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:59.506  QUrl( "file:///usr/share/APMPlanner2/qml/ApmToolBar.qml" )  
    qml: APMToolBar: button label SELECTED
    DEBUG 2015-08-14T13:13:59.687 QML Status: 1
     INFO 2015-08-14T13:13:59.725 Screen Size is  QRect(0,0 1360x768)
    Unable to find an X11 visual which matches EGL config 125
    Could not initialize OpenGL
    Aborted (core dumped)

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