ArduCopter GoPro 2-Axis Camera-mount


ArduCopter factory is  pleased to release first camera mount to famous ArduCopter frames. 


This camera-mount fits on all original ArduCopter Quads and Hexas made by jDrones. It has 2 controllable axis that is supported already on ArduCopter software. Miniature ball bearings on all hinge locations. Custom made aluminum nuts to ensure proper mounting of the parts. 2 adjustable push rods with all linkage balls and ball links.


With mount plates this camera mount can be fitted to all Tri, Quad, Hexa and other future frames. On request we can make plates even for other frames.


3689431887?profile=originalMaterial: Fiberglass

Weight: 88 gr (includes mount plate and 9g servos)

Servos: 9g-12g (not included)

Frames: Quad, Hexa


Deliveries for these mounts will start on end of 2nd week of November and it can be purchased first from jDrones directly and later on from all jDrones distributors around the world.


Store link: ArduCopter GoPro 2-Axis camera-mount


Don't forget to have correct mount plate to your frame.

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  • I did that gimbal and looks working fine. Little bit for tuning...

    Maybe some sugegstions?

    GoProd gimbal for $4.99

    Gimbal video


  • Honestly, this looks like a copy. And 45 dollars is too much for me, provided servos are not included.


    So ... ARE THERE ANY "SOURCE DESIGN FILES" available for download?


    I was also looking for HexaCopter Main frame plate and power distribution board? Does anyone know? Thank you.

  • OK, what next? Stolen cars?


    "This car was owned by Jakub in Poland."

  • Distributor

    Jani did update the product description on his site... 

    So can we move on to something more constructive now? 


    This mount was inspired by the work done by Jakub in Poland.


    ArduCopter GoPro Cameramount, 2 axis
    R/C UAV and ArduCopter manufacturer and one stop shop. We make your FPV come true.
  • "Sure they look similar as originally we got inspired by Jakubs old mount. We redesigned it fully from scratch and made it more balanced and that way better.

    There is nothing wrong on improving things, in generally all DIY communities are based on improving things. And even this mount will improve more, there are already few ideas on how to improve it more."


    Sure, but common correct behavior is to give attribution to the people who created the original design you based your work on.

  • Moderator

    Great looking product. Coming from jDrones it should get a lot of business than some retailer that nobody really knows.


    Seeing that the multicopter market is really being flooded these days, with a new gimbal variation coming to the surface weekly, the focus should start to move to vibration isolation measures, i.e., motor mounts, grommet placement, pre-balanced props., etc.

  • Wow, I have been designing exactly this same mount in the last couple of days. A basic 2 axis mount for the go pro that holds the camera with an elastic. During my design I came to the hypothesis that a 2 axis mount like this would give inherently smoother control on a quad if the degrees of freedom pivot under the camera's center of gravity. Can this mount work equally when installed upside-down? And to reiterate the question, will the design files be made available for modification? Thanks for the great work!

  • Jordi has tweeted he has a dual gopro system working. I await the price! It sounds like those $1200 copters will soon be $2000.

    It was only a few years ago that Jordi blogged about working towards the sub $100 range. How times change :)

    Oh well, back to Jack Crossfires wooden wonders or maybe hobbyking will do something for us :)

  • The rubber band is an infinitely great invention.  Someone should've patented that.


    But they didn't.  Or it expired.  So it's free-rein.  


    Cheapest offering wins.  The end.  


    Fifty bucks makes me hover nervously over the final click, here.  Might get by with the plans, a hacksaw and a drill?  


    Jani provides a great service to the noobs - like me - who need, at least initially, a one-stop-shop with decent support and a large collective experience.  There's no cloak and dagger, is there?

  • Developer

    The original idea is really really nice. IMO, the author deserve the credit.
    However, I gave up from the original, since I saw it here (if not the original... that is really a copy).
    It was because I got afraid of some bad junctions with tilted washers and nuts.
    As a customer, all I know is: that one from Jani gave me the confidence which I needed to invest on it.

    Well... anyway, here goes a suggestion: Jani, I love that icon on the "roll" part. But, all those JD on everywhere is kinda really over... :P Maybe adding a small and discrete "" on the camera plate would be very elegant and it does accomplish the purpose.

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