ArduIMU+ V3 camera gimbal stabilizer on IndieGoGo


My original blog post offering a bounty on software for the ArduIMU v3 to make it into a very good standalone camera gimbal stabilizer attracted alot of criticism and at the same time alot more support.  There are many people who have joined my cause, and pledged to either match my bounty or contribute towards the bounty.  So many pledges that it has become hard to track.  One member suggested using Kickstarter. However as a non-US resident I was not able to create a project on Kickstarter so one has been created on IndieGoGo.

Don't forget that whilst the $10 contribution is appreciated, and you contribute as much as you like, matching my $100 bounty is even more appreciated.  And for $225 I'll get a ArduIMU and solder the connectors and flash the firmware for you.

[EDIT: The 30 March deadline has now been extended until 11 May or until the bounty is claimed, which ever comes first.

It looks like this is getting pretty big with a number of contenders and backers, ie. more than just my $100 reward.  Whilst my offer for a $100 reward plus bonus still stands for the FIRST person to deliver code that meets the specification;  I would like to propose that the contributions/backers/funders on IndieGoGo vote at the end of the project (11 May) who should receive the funds raise on IndieGoGo (less the 9% fee that IndieGoGo charge).

So essentially there will be the $100 plus bonuses from me for the FIRST app, and the IndieGoGo pool for the BEST app.


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    I've received a couple of PMs from users regarding my proposal to split the bounty between Michael and Greg.  The short version is that they have stated that they can't get either code working and would like to have a working ArduIMU.

    If there are any other comments please post them into the ArduIMI Camera Stablizer group

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    Guys, I haven't had any independent reports to confirm whether Michael or Greg's code works or not, nor have I had time (between my 2.5 jobs) to test it out for myself. 

    Given that they were the only people that submitted code, and they obviously put alot of effort into the code (working or not).  I propose to split the bounty (about $400 total after fees indiegogo fees) that a number of members and I contributed to.

    If there are no objections from the contributors, I propose to do this in 7 days time.

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    I have created a group for those interested in an ArduIMU Gimbal Controller

    I am going to close comments on this blog as there has parallel discussions on another blog.  Unfortunately we still haven't found a clear winner yet, but I am confident that we will have a claimant from what I have read once the bugs are ironed out.

  • Hi, I've an octo and recently installed a 360º pan axis to it's gimbal. I've seen the APM's uses Channel 8 output  to drive it so at this moment I'm unable to drive it.

    I'm following the ArduIMU V3 gimbal stabilizer thread and wish to know If someone thought to use the Arduimu V3 as an slave of the APM unloading it from the gimbal stabilization work .

    If the Arduimu V3 is placed in the gimbal it will "feel" the exact movements of the camera and stabilize it more precisely because the ArduIMU will level itself not try to "move, more or less precisely, a remote and insensible limb".

    Also, this will free the APM of driving the Roll axis (not controllable by user) so the Channel 10 an 11 could be used to drive tilt and pan movements of the gimbal by connecting those outputs to Tilt and Pan inputs of the ArduIMU.

    To solve the cable tangling issue of  my 360º Pano mount I've installed an Slip ring who allows the camera mount to spin freely while maintaining the connection whit the APM board.

    The slip rings can be purchased easily on ebay.

    Here is an illustrative video on how an Slip Ring works.

  • Greg, I have a Ver2 board and I wanted to try your code on it to see if I have the same problem as V3 board. Can you give me the pinouts for the servos and RC for V2 board or give me a link to find them.

  • Greg,  Still no response for rx input on any channel and only roll servo responds to moving the board

  • Ah!!  That was the problem with the CLI,

    Thanks Greg

  • Doug, Did you set the serial monitor for both line endings. Look at the bottom right corner, just to the left of the baud rate select. If it says "no line ending" then cli input won't work. Change it to "both cr & nl".

  • I have the same problem with V3 board that I received yesterday.

    With Arduino Windows 1.0.1

    CLI connects and I see the startup sequence but after that CLI will not respond.

    RX inputs have no effect.

    Roll servo is the only one that responds to moving the board.

  • My board is ok, I've tested it with this test:

    By the way my board is v3.
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