ArduIMU+ V3 camera gimbal stabilizer on IndieGoGo


My original blog post offering a bounty on software for the ArduIMU v3 to make it into a very good standalone camera gimbal stabilizer attracted alot of criticism and at the same time alot more support.  There are many people who have joined my cause, and pledged to either match my bounty or contribute towards the bounty.  So many pledges that it has become hard to track.  One member suggested using Kickstarter. However as a non-US resident I was not able to create a project on Kickstarter so one has been created on IndieGoGo.

Don't forget that whilst the $10 contribution is appreciated, and you contribute as much as you like, matching my $100 bounty is even more appreciated.  And for $225 I'll get a ArduIMU and solder the connectors and flash the firmware for you.

[EDIT: The 30 March deadline has now been extended until 11 May or until the bounty is claimed, which ever comes first.

It looks like this is getting pretty big with a number of contenders and backers, ie. more than just my $100 reward.  Whilst my offer for a $100 reward plus bonus still stands for the FIRST person to deliver code that meets the specification;  I would like to propose that the contributions/backers/funders on IndieGoGo vote at the end of the project (11 May) who should receive the funds raise on IndieGoGo (less the 9% fee that IndieGoGo charge).

So essentially there will be the $100 plus bonuses from me for the FIRST app, and the IndieGoGo pool for the BEST app.


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  • Hi Marc,I try the arduimu test sw but my board respond only roll . my board do not work correct!

  • I've the same problem, only roll works, but partially because if I pitch the imu board roll servo also responds to it.

  • Hi , i try on arduimu v3 , it is all ok when compile (arduino 100) and upload but work only roll servo  ,

    Servo degree work ok , all data changhe when change the position of board but servo output PCH and YAW stay only  -1

    Only servo roll work well

    all' imput from rx is ignored

    How i can test please?

    Servo degrees:: RLL: 0.01 ,PCH:-0.10 ,YAW:-5.08  ,MGH: 4.58
    servo outputs:: RLL: 3000 ,PCH: -1 ,YAW: -1  ,MGH:4.58

  • Yes Denny, it was the Drifting issue.

  • Hi, I'm trying to use the v3 arduimu as 3-axis gimbal. I think I'm doing something wrong. use the latest version of arduino 1.0.1 use the code that is in select duelinanove plate 328 and when I see the monitor will not let me send serial data to arduimu. Yesterday I got the version 22 of arduino send data but it only works the roll, and yaw are constantly pix -1. I need help urgently. sorry for my english

  • Andreas

    When changing to BITS_FS_250DPS was that a Drifting issue that you found?

  • Ok guys, some news about testing? did the yaw compensation work?

    This is for the wiki


  • To anyone testing this. After reading anther post about imu 3 v1.9 giving bad data, it hit me. I have a very early version of the board. In fact it didn't have a bootloader installed.

    I have updated my gimbal controler to auto detect the hard ware version from the mpu6000 and set the accelerometer scaling. I got it from Arduplane 2.4 and ported it to the V1.9 gimbal controller.

    Get the latest version here. I should have known of this problem, but both my board are version C the older ones. It will now switch to C or D automatically on start up.

  • OK Torg heres a picture. I guess I can make one. I was hoping you would do it for me. I all ready did the hard part after all :)


  • I'm sorry can't understand also because I don't have arduIMU yet...can you draw a scheme?

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