ArduPilot Config Tool Source Code Released!

The utility was written in Visual C#. I hope somebody familiar with C# is able to test the code in his failing setup and figure out the problem, nothing else, please don't ask me about of how integrate this code to another project because certainly I'm not an expert in C#. This code is intended for dudes that really have a basic knowledge in programming and believe can help. Just remember this code works perfectly in my PC, running Vista and using the Official FTDI
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  • Just posting my observations:

    406 GPS Unplugged:
    With the regular utility Beta 3 I have always had a "somethings wrong" when trying to write, but it does actually do a successful write anyway.
    With Damon's ArduPilotConfigTool_Fix1, I now get "Write Successful".

    Thanks Damon.

    406 GPS plugged in:
    With both variants of the utility, I still fail to write.

    Uploading Ardupilot 2.2.3
    I still can not upload whilst the GPS is plugged in.

    I'm using Arduino 15 with the latest drivers. Arduino 16 produces a whole page of errors when I try and upload the code.
  • David,
    I believe that there is a separate problem with the EM406 GPS. I'm afraid my software fix will not fix that problem. For now, it seems that the accepted fix is to disconnect the GPS during uploading.

    I am using the u-blox GPS, not the EM406, so I don't have first hand experience with the GPS issue. I read in another thread that someone thought that pin 6 of the GPS connector was grounded, when it should not have been connected. Since pin 6 is a signal that is not needed by the AP, you could snip that wire on the cable from the GPS to the AP, and see if that fixes the problem.
  • David,
    Have you tried uploading with the GPS disconnected? Please try that and report back with your results.

    If that fails, try disconnecting the shield and connecting the FTDI directly to the AP.
  • @Jordi: your're right about field uploads, better to use "hard"-ware! As to walking on my FTDI cable in the field, I think I shouldn't try to tweak an UAV when I've more than 1/mil in the blood... But you're right again, sh.. can happen, and happens often enough.
  • Developer
    Split Hairs? Tonight i will make a new post describing the problems and the solutions. Is a mix between, Drivers, Settings, hardware and Utility...
  • Jordi,
    If you want to split hairs, look here.
  • Developer
    About the lasted drivers the idea came from Chris Anderson...
  • Developer
    Reto, The official FTDI cable is very strong. Is well protected and can be used in the grass, sand, whatever and it will survive (you can even walk over it, that is normally specially when you are busy in the field)... The Sparkfun module is fine, but i suggest not to expose it to much to the dirt, you can use shrink tube, but the dust can still go in and don't try to walk over it!

    As already mentioned, i can't test it because i don't have a failing hardware.... What Damon did was exactly what i wanted to try out. But i was unable to get a "failing" SF module. But actually this idea came to my mind after Damon noted that the pins in the SF module and the FTDI cable were different. So all the good points are for Damon!
  • I have just tested the fix and I can conform it works! (I am using a laptop running Windows7 and the Sparkfuun 3.3v FTDI board)
    Thanks very much Damon, this is what open source is all about!
  • Jordi: I think you're going to implement those changes in the offical utility release download page as soon as you checked it out?
    I'll try out the fixed version tonight with my 3.3 Sparkfun FTDI basic break out and report back.
    So maybe I ordered the "official DIYdrones FTDI cable" too fast! Anyway, in 50 years, this cable will be a collector!!! Thanks much to all those who have struggled for a solution so far.
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