ArduPilot: Copter 3.4.1 released

Hi all

A huge amount of effort has gone into this exciting new release of ArduPilot: Copter 3.4.1.

The new features are mostly described on ArduPilot forum blog post but the first few are copied here: 

New Features (in alphabetical order mostly):

  1. New boards/frames supported including:
  2. ADSB sensor (from uAvionix) support and FailSafe to help avoid incidents with manned aircraft

  3. Attitude control improvements including completion of move to Quaternions
  4. ACRO_Y_EXPO allows exponential yaw in ACRO mode (coming to other modes soon)
  5. AutoTune robustness improvements especially for larger vehicles (reduce chance gains go too low)
  6. Boat Mode allows easier takeoff from boats

.. and much more!

3.4.1 just added Pixracer PPM input fix

3.4.2 RC1/2 work is already well advanced and will be available shortly, but consists only on small minor improvements.
For some of us that fly small drones the support for the PixRacer is fantastic, and even the new PixHawk 2.1 from ProfiCNC is already supported.

Overall is a great release, with a high degree of professional work by the entire ArduPilot team.

Happy flying, and keep the feedback on the forum

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  • Try reporting here:

    don't forget providing specific information of the hardware used and also flight logs (.bin)


  • I would Like to report a bug in arducopter 4.2.1 version.

    When using auto flight, the command do digicam control doesn´t work.

    I test it going back again to ac 3.3.3 and it works ok.



  • Got it :)  Thank you for the clarification, Luis

  • The firmware for the PixHawks is not distributed as a windows installer (msi) 
    You must use a Ground Control Station like Mission Planner, APM Planner, QGroundControl, which are distributed as msi, or other type of installer depending on the Operating system. Then you can install the ArduPilot firmware on either of your boards "automagically" because the appropriate version is flashed to your Flight Controller by the Ground Control Station.

  • Cool! :)

    This new version promises interesting new features to try and to enjoy for our copter hobby :D

    A biiig *THANK YOU* to the developers !

    Two questions I have:

    Is there a way to download the v.3.4 in the .msi   format too ??? (as formerly)

    How do I know the correct version for my FC? ( ArduCopter-v1.px4 or ArduCopter-v2.px4

    or ArduCopter-v4.px4 ? ) I use a Pixhawk 1 MB and a CUAV (Pixhack 2MB)

    Regards ;)

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