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Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Nicholas Matias's discussion Can a Rangefinder be used in Auto mode ?
"Hello Andrew.
I am trying to  use range finder with my plane.
Is it possible to use the range finder with the last firm?
I would like to control the flight height over ground during at least 300m before landing.
Thanks a lot.
Andrew Tridgell…"
Jun 5, 2017
Alberto Cristóbal Granda commented on Luis Vale Gonçalves's blog post ArduPilot: Copter 3.4.1 released
"I would Like to report a bug in arducopter 4.2.1 version.
When using auto flight, the command do digicam control doesn´t work.
I test it going back again to ac 3.3.3 and it works ok.
Nov 28, 2016
Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Randall Esquivel's discussion Grid with DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL in Mission Planner configuration
"It measures the distance between GPS points.  Sriram said:
hi guys

 Does pixhawk3.3 measures the distance along the path or just calculates the difference between gps points ?? "
Nov 18, 2016
Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Hugues's discussion How to assign a receiver channel as a pass-thru Pixhawk ? in ArduCopter User Group
"It is a very good function, but it would be great if you could choose the channel at your RX
If you want to use the aux channel instead the one of the 8 main ones you choose pass Thru channel number 8 at your receiver to Out number 9 (aux 1)
Jun 12, 2016
Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Alberto Cristóbal Granda's discussion HM-TRP modules, start from the beginning
"Hello Marcin,
I have been looking for the programmer but in Spain is out of stock, I think I can build as you did my own paralel prot programmer.
but I have a doubt (a lot actually)
In the schematic I can see several components called 100E , I don´t…"
Nov 26, 2012
Alberto Cristóbal Granda posted a discussion
I just bought a couple of  HM-TRP 868GHz Hope modules and I would like to make a telemetry system.I have been loking for the information in this 3DR part of the forum but I think a bit dumb  I couldn´t find the information.I just try to use the…
Nov 22, 2012
Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Andras Schaffer's discussion Using 868Mhz modules : Success
"Dear Andras,
I bought a couple of 868MHz module and I don´t know how to make them work
Could you please help me.
I put every module in a litle text board this board is attached to a normal FTDI Basic 
I conected this way
FTDI         Module
VCC    …"
Nov 22, 2012
Alberto Cristóbal Granda posted a discussion
Hello,I have been without changing the firmware since the APMMP 1.1.52 but I have update to 1.1.95 and Arducopter 2.6 firm.I can not connect with wireless APC220.Could anybody please tell me if I can do something to connect the wireless…
Jul 4, 2012
Alberto Cristóbal Granda replied to Stefan Grufman's discussion APM Mission Planner with APC220 RF module
"Hello to everybody:
I am new here,
I have being flying with Arducopter since 6 months ago, I hade The APMplanner and I connected to my Acopter with dhw Wireless APC220
everyting was OK but I have upgrade today and I cant not connet again with the…"
May 13, 2012