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    ryan_reeve: You can use 32 bits (single) floats, but you will reduce accuracy. Arduino support single precision, double precision floating point and sins, cos etc.. But is not recommended... I've made a smaller algorithm for ardupilot here to increase performance.
  • ryan_reeve: read here, it explains how to compute GPS distances for near waypoints. 32-bit floats are sufficient.
  • As far as i know calculating bearing and distance to destination directly using floats
    (because 64 bit floating point accuracy is required) and sin etc from the math library will not give accrate reults.How ardupilot has overcome this problem.
    Or it is using some kind of interpolation with lookup table or CORDIC ?
  • @Noth666: thanks for the feedback, I am following the work of, but as you mentionned yourelf, development is not at the level where it could be used for heli stabilization.
    @Gary Mortimer: yes Helicommand is the only affordable ticket, I own a 3D version in fact, the only drawback lays in position hold at higher than 10 feet altitudes. I am currently seeking for a solution to this, it is why I am following the work being done here.
    Like Davor, I would like to express how impressed I am with what has been accomplished lately on this matter, when you think this would have seemed impossible to realise just a few years ago.
    Thanks to all those who have taken on their spare time to get were we are today :-)
    autopilot: Do it yourself UAV
    Autopilot for model helicopters, with 3 axis IMU/INS+GPS
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    Helicommand seems the ticket for such things
  • hi everyone,
    ...just wanted to express my support and happiness when I see so many developments in small D-I-Y UAV market.
    My plan is to install the new FS 8 (STILL waiting for revolectrics to release them) in my Hirobo Sceadu 50 size heli and expand from there. I really like RC blimps and those big models 6 to 9m would make great platform for some serious playing around! Keep up the good work!!! I admit I take notes.

  • @jan lukas: well most hobby development in UAV's is still for fixed wing aircraft, was thinking of a heli myself at a point but I was deterred by costs mainly, crashing a heli always costs money and while developing control code you will crash it plenty.
    There are a few projects out there like but they are not at the level where fixed wing autopilots are yet (no hover and other stuff).
    autopilot: Do it yourself UAV
    Autopilot for model helicopters, with 3 axis IMU/INS+GPS
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    Anyone have any of the ArduPilotBeta3 boards that they no longer intend to build/use? If so please let me know.
  • Hello Chris,

    thanks fro the feedback, eventhough I'm a bit disappointed :-
    Sorry if this might be in the wrong place, but what could you recommand then for a helicopter, do you have ant idea?
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    Pat, About Ardupilot:

    MUX in, are the other two multiplexer (of four) inputs, the other two are connected to the atmega168, if you want to expand ardupilot you can do it with this pins. The Batt goes directly to the power regulator to supply the board, you must give 6 or more volts to board. Mode Led is the middle position of the fail safe system, only work with three state switches (on the remote control) is connected to the attiny45 if you look the video in this post you will get it.... The LOCK led turns on when you fix GPS... But you can control it as you wish!
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