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  • Developer

    Being honest I suggest wait for the new ir sensors.
  • hi,
    i wonder if you'll post something here when the sensors are released in your store?
    just asking ,i really don't want to miss it,i can't wait to try the full autopilot ...
  • Jordi
    In a comment above, you suggest the gains for various thermopiles can be handled in software. For those of us who don't want to wreck hardware, that would be the preferred option
  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know how to perform either an external interrupt or a pin change interrupt on the Ardupilot?
    I ask because the RC inputs take up the two external interrupt pins (INT0 and INT1) that are used for the
    attachInterrupt() function. Any advice or suggestions is appreciated.
  • T3
    I do have the new FMA sensors... I will have to do some testing....
  • easy mod!

    makes ardupilot even more flexible with other kinds of sensors.
  • Developer
    Also watch out for the thermophiles sensors (the new FMA sensor has different ones), if they are different the gains must be set differently too. So you will have to put both sensors under the sky and see if the absolute differential is equal in both... If yes you are done..
  • Developer
    Opp the missing link is here
  • Developer
    I will provide pictures ASAP! Right now I'm traveling. But what you can do in the mean time is to check this out:

    Go and click in the "Other Infrared sensors" and over already did the work for us. All the deal is in the resistors R2 .8Mohm and R3 510 ohms (for one axis) and R5 .8Mohm and R6 510 ohms (for the other axis). Those resistors are the ones that set the gain of the Non-Inverting Opamp: you can find a gain calculator here: Paparazzi uses .82 Mohns and 1kohm instead. You can check it here: And click in hardware support for this board to check out the schematics, see the opamp resistors, those resistor are the one that must be equally. I mean i suggest to change the resistor of both boards in order to make it 100% perfect and the resistors must be 1% or less of tolerance (the blue magical ones). good luck!

    Mainly the Paparazzi, dean and FMA sensor are exactly the same components (who copy who?). But the only difference is the resistor gains (don't worry about the capacitor, all could .1uF)...
  • T3
    I can solder like a mad man.. so I am all up for changin resistors. I just need to know what ones to order and where they go ;-) I wish I could get to the point that all I had to do is tweak settings like PID gains etc because i have enough experiance with the MK that will help me here. I just want the hardware happy first. so Jordi hit me with the hack and I will do it / provide pictures. I would prefer the hardware hack so that I can continue to use the software that everyone else using cause I can't program "hello world" (kidding but not far off)
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