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  • Just another rendering of the design.


  • You're one of the 3 people who's actually got an OpenPilot board? How did you come upon that?

  • We are considering to go on the market with this Spyder frame, all depends on the interest because less then 10> frames aunt profitable.

    Because you can buy 10x10mm aluminium tube everywhere in the world we think its better to leave them out to save on shipping cost.

    So it would be the two CNC carbon frame plates plus the two adjustable carbon lipo holders 32 pieces 10mm and 3 pieces 15mm aluminum standoff's and 70 pieces of stainless steel hex flat head screws M3 x 6mm

    Price ex assured shipping €100,00
  • Absolutely beautiful design. Clean, elegant, just very nicely done.
  • Wiring will go thru the booms for a nice and clean setup.
  • Don't really understand your question, but your smile tells me a lot.

  • What about autonomy, do you run a cable behind the scene ?:)
  • Insite construction this give a very ridged result.P6194005.jpg

  • Well as mentioned before we do custom builds for anyone interrested. We build like they do at American Chopper. You have an idea and we mix it with our own interpretations and you get a magnificent flying machine. For now kitting is not our thing (unless you order >10 kits)

  • Fabulous! You have to make a kit and sell it, this is superb work.
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