A Simple idea for a big problem

Rc model safety, Is everyone doing

 what they can do to protect out hobby and the public.

(summary: I would like a splash 

screen to be implemented on all software that gives safety tips each start up)


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Please don't take the following as me bossing around, this is a suggestion I feel very strongly about and so should everyone as it will effect everyone.

So recently (very recently) Multirotor and other RC model safety has been brought into the spotlight.
there have been deaths, injuries, cuts, bruises and damaged Egos, btu most importantly bad impressions and opinions.
With all this negative attention I foresee this blowing up very soon and being the central gaze of media.

And even though we have all sorts of blog posts with advice in hindsight, nothing has been done, so action needs to be taken, Because the sooner we do something about Rc model safety, the leaner the consequences will be.in the long run.

I would like a splash screen to be implemented that gives safety tips each start up

on all RC related software, not only on Droidplanner, which Arthur supports (the creator or droidplanner) but on software like Missionplaner, Andropilot, open9X etc
anything that is an aid or enabler of RC flight (remember that boats, cars and subs are also classed as drones in the laws

The main message ontop followed by the sub message (they could be comical or upbeat )

eg: (main message)
(example of message below)

Return to launch (RTL) only flies in a straight line,
it wont watch out for that tree

Return to launch (RTL) Do

esn't know when it is going to hit something,
make sure the path is clear!

Return to launch (RTL) Don't fly if you plan on using it.
It Doesn't give you wings!

Return to launch (RTL) Is n

ot capable of flying through objects,
so don't make it try!

Prison or Freedom, only one accident away
are you willing to risk your own life?

Life or Death, Only one crash away!
Is life in prison worth it?

Your life and spectators, Would you let someone new fly close to you?
Don't let the inexperienced fly dangerously

Medical,court and insurance costs, Are you rich enough?
Don't endanger others or their property

Damage, how much is their car worth?
I don't think you want to find out

Good luck to all who recognize the benefits
Another idea from me :) hope you like
Regards Jared Reabow

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  • Maybe try intimidating newbies (Im picking on newbs cuz they are an established stereotype of the guys most vulnerable to screw up) to respect the equipment more by showing them how powerful these systems are in some way that doesn't reference the "making more rubble out of rubble" campaign in pak etc. HAd a point at the start but lost it somewhere I guess..

  • The thing is, often cheap unsafe equipment is to blame - and considering hobbyking products are everywhere the attention should be focused towards awareness and education of equipment faults and redundancy (Ie. don't run only one cheap BEC, range test etc. The guys who we need to focus on are the newbies seeing an ultra cheap, ultra cool autonomous quad/heli and diving in without fully investigating the kind of equipment he is buying. my 2c. I have had a perfectly working gasser heli sitting on the shelf for over a year now because of a lack of confidence in my current tx and rx. I'm not bagging hobbyking, as I have limited finances I appreciate the market they have created, but realize and accept my percentage of duds and faults goes up - which changes my attitude towards where and when to fly etc.  Having a hobby that is now so cheap and easily available means you can have the good but be aware of and educate against the bad.

  • Seems like a good idea to me. I have always been a big fan of the "Fallout Perk" cards for tooltips like this. Basically a joke/jest as part of the tooltip to encourage people to read them. ie (http://www.gamebanshee.com/fallout/perks/images/cultofpersonality.jpg)

    It seems like the wording of the tips you made would fall in line with this style. On one hand you don't want to joke about safety but lets face it the people who are not heeding these warning aren't going to read a popup box unless it catches their attention.

  • "Smoking kills"

  • and taking a 5 question test for the sake of the hobby is something i would do

  • People may be skeptical of my idea, and even if they are, let them continue to be, because this should not be stopped over skepticism or worry or annoying the few that are not forward thinking enough to put half a second of screen tapping over the entire future of the hobby.

    To me this is a means to the solution, it is not the full solution i have in mind, but i want to take this in steps and ease people into the idea of self practiced safety.

    As was mentioned above, i have had the idea of a safety wizard but though that when taken it would remove the warning for 1 month then they would re appear, ` this will calm those who complain about warnings and force "noobs" to complete a safety set before being handed the controls to something hazardous.

    you don't let someone learn to drive by simply giving them a car and setting them on a road, nor do you let  someone fly a airliner after not being in an aircraft for months.

    And people should not learn to fly by simply setting up for the first time and throwing a plane or taking off in a urbanized area with no idea of the real safety precautions they should take or if the aircraft will even fly.

  • personally i love the geofence.  we have tested it and will not fly without.  you also have to have your failsafes setup and understood.  would be nice to run a safety 'wizard' to help you cover your bases.  

  • i see  no issues with experienced users, i am sure they can put up with a small warning considering it could well be the savior of our hobby, its non obtrusive nd appears where something pops up anyway

  • How about "Is your canopy screwed down - stupid!!"

    (Penguin crashed when the canopy flew off containing the APM, RX etc - yes it was me)

  • Moderator

    Well if you think about it every airline pilot regardless of hours goes through his checklist.

    I have long argued that we should have a logbook function that would satisfy aviation authorities in MP and now the tablet based GCS.

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