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  • Hi Victor,

    Thanks for getting back, the AutoQuad project is based around closed source hardware and opensource software. The team is very small and funded by team members and hardware vendor hence the closed hardware. Although not even close to the selling numbers of 3DR FC's, AutoQuads ESC32 is already reversed engineered and 'clones' do exist.. 

    So basically, no, schematics will not be available or you must become a member and sign a NDA if the founders allow that :). 

  • @joebar.rc thanks for sharing your points. Didn't say that it was bad, indeed i'm interested in such a device and i'd be happy to support it/help improving it but i know the crazyflie design pretty well and the similarities are obvious.

    I'd love to double check those facts that you mention myself. Will this design be OW, where can i access schematics?

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    Hey, Bill, what's this quatos stuff? I can't find much about it over on autoquad.
  • @robert
    It will :). At the maker fair Hannover already dozens where on display and flying. A minor change was needed for the onboard spektrum receiver so the upcoming production version is without physical errors.

    The best feature IMHO of the m4 is that it is scalable, maybe the first FC that can be scaled from nano to full size up to 16 motor multirotors(CAN based ESC's) or using a specialized motherboard with CAN to pwm mapping. Plugging in a 2cm board on top of the m4 will also make a couple of normal pwm ports available. So it can grow with you
  • @Victor,
    Besides the obvious shape and the use of a stm32 based MCU it can hardly be called a copy.
    The m4 is stm32f405 instead of 103, use of different IMU sensors, use of a GPS module, CAN bus, on board spektrum receiver etc etc.
    I did personale never seen that FC you referred too, looks nice indeed but if you think a design change to another mcu, different IMU, gps is merely an action of drawing some lines?.. It's not. This is the design of Bill and Steve and not a copy.
    The m4 is carefully designed since last year and already iteration r5 before it is released soon
  • a small copter is on my list since a longer time.

    i hope the aq micro will be available soon.

  • Jack - I'd normally agree, but there is no 64pin version of the 42X.  The only real constraint of the 40X is the RAM and that's not quite a problem for AQ yet.

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    @Jack: but looking at digikey you can save almost $3 on the BOM (based on a single unit price) more if you buy multiples. It may be better, but what does 427 offer over 407 that make it a must? It's not always about the latest, but being successful in creating a business model that succeeds.

    @Max: was the big octo flying with the same controller?

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    more info here

    AutoQuad Forum • View topic - M4 - what is it, what can it do?
  • The 407 is obsolete.  You need to be using the 427.

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