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  • I'd like to this do a running take off like a plane. Basically to scale a building or something like it. How are you controlling it? With 1 set of sticks and a switch to go between modes?

  • Fundings a tough problem, which is why Kickstarters such a great idea.

    In Australia we're quite lucky in that theres an R&D tax incentive.  So if you doing an R&D project, you can get 45% of the money back from the government the next quarter.  Theres also a couple of tricks, you can withhold your own pay (if the R&D company doesn't have funds to pay yourself) and you will receive 45% of that money, that wasn't paid during the R&D phase but will need to be paid once the company makes money.

    We also have a few grant programs like energy efficiency and commercialisation australia, which only give out money to innovative projects.  They match funding 50/50, so the grant money plus R&D tax incentive means that we only need to raise cash to pay 1/4 of the project costs.

    As you said though Monroe, you do need to still know someone who can chip in 1/4 of the project cost.

    One day when I don't have to work and have more time I'd like to start up an open source business incubator to help fund all of the innovative project struggling around the world.

  • Thats ridiculous that a massively funded group like DAPRA didn't give them the prize money.  $100k to the Halo team would have gone 100 times further than $100k staying within DAPRA.  Its the same with Tridges team winning the outback challenge but not getting any prize money (Although the guys who put together outback challenge have nowhere near the money DAPRA has).

  • The concept is very pleasant. That flexible material is great!

    A nice addition (for me) is: he's from Poland :-)

  • Unbelievable design, I bought a RTF/RTR (Ready to Roll...?) kit right away.  Some real innovation there for sure.  As a UAVForge lead on the evaForge team (who didn't even make it to the finals FYI) technically no one won according to DARPA, but I have to agree with him that is BS since they never clearly stated upfront that you couldn't win the $100k prize with out meeting the baseline parameters.  His team HALO got the highest score, but didn't get any cash for it.  Great perseverance.

  • There's a load of very neat details in this Wow! concept.  I love it and will keep an eye on this.  I don't really need another toy hanging around me right now, but this is pretty cool, so I mightn't be able to resist contributing.

  • Very, very nifty! I'm going to chip in, but I wish you had another supporter category, say between the 25 and 125 steps, where the reward would simply be the right to buy one from the first released batch. 

  • It would take a side impact to wreck the props. Very clever.

    If upside down, a wheelie flip might make things right side up.


  • Developer

    Very nice design.

    Would be very fun if it could go on the water. Seems quite possible according to the actual design.


  • I like the design. Nice Job!

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