Beast TX - The ultimate UAV Controller

First Previev of BeastTX - The ultimate UAV Controller


Features of the BeastTX:

  • 2x ARM Dual Core Processor
    • Main CPU 1 GHz/ 512MB RAM
    • Slave CPU 700 MHz/ 512MB RAM
  • Debian Linux
  • Open Source Linux for own applications
  • Standard PC desktop
  • integrated 2,4 GHz RC
  • 3 potentiometers, 6 switches
  • compatible to most systems like: Jeti, Graupner, Futaba, FRSky etc.
  • 5,8 GHz analogue video receiver
  • HD video receiver
  • GPS
  • Differential GPS via datalink
  • long lasting battery 23,8 Ah 7,4V
  • capacitive 7"-touchscreen
  • 500 cd/m2 brightness
  • USB/ WLAN/ Bluetooth/ UMTS
  • Datalink to UAV (XBEE/ Wi232/ High Performance WLAN)
  • Speech dispatcher
  • Motionsensor MPU9150
  • Barometer MS5611
  • Realtime-clock
  • integrated network switch for internal devices
  • Router with WLAN
  • sensing of battery voltage, consumption and temperature
  • Battery heater for the cold days of the year
  • No separate display for RC necessary
  • Functions available via GUI
  • Connector to flight simulator, trainer and video
  • Belt holder
  • Compatible to all common autopilots (Beast UAVs, APM, Pixhawk, Multiwii, Paparazzi)


The Groundstation BeastTX will be released in the 4th quarter of 2014.

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  • @Mauricio: Very, very nice looking!  Can you give us a narrative of how you built this? Any plans to produce these? Kickstarter?     

  • It's the "realtime clock" that's the reason for the high price. Made by Patek Philippe, it accounts for 3500 Euros of the price. The remaining 68 Euros are for the rest of the bits, sourced at Radio Shack going-out-of-business sales. The case appears to be made of discarded traffic cones, judging by the color.

    Seriously: For all you wannabe entrepreneurs out there, this is a nice lesson from the Fleecing 101 textbook:

    1. Lurk in the shadows until The Next Big Thing comes along. 

    2. Make something - anything - that resembles the item(s) that everyone is drooling over. Form before function (always). Some functionality is nice but don't worry too much about that, exclusivity is much more important. 

    3. Price it at around 1000% above related item(s). 

    4. Get free publicity in places like this.

    5. Wait for the "mainstream" media to be impressed by the price and provide more free publicity. 

    6. Profit. You only need to sell a few dozen to make a big bundle and if it takes off in certain circles (every megayacht needs one of these) you'll make a lot more. 

    Don't think this works? See Lamborghini, the aforementioned Patek Philippe, the entire diamond jewelry business, the entire womens' fashion industry, etc., etc. 

  • wow you really took some punishment from the diy community ....

    awesome job @Mauricio Cancino

    and better design ...

  • I have a homemade GCS similar to the one shown that I've been working on. Im just using a windows tablet with mission planner. Having telemetry, video and radio in one piece of hardware is really practical.


  • How about android console or something like that

  • @benbojangles 

    What kind of video link are you using there? HD?

    If so it looks intressting for the claimed pricepoint!

  • It is with EU and CE certification

  • 3689623541?profile=originaland this costs under a couple of hundred euros

  • Moderator

    Does it have EU certification? Difficult to use professionally without

  • Nice set up, but 3.568,81€ is huge for a rapberry Pi, LCD, Tx, VRx and some pots and switches.

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