Big Roomy EPO Puller for $199


Hobby King released a new platform which might address some of the complaints with easystar - it's larger, has ailerons (and flaps), and plenty of room under the wing for CG neutral payloads.
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  • I was pretty excited about that Cessna 182, but looking more closely at the pictures, I can see that you guys are right about it looking better from a distance. Another concern I had about the 182 is that it starts out at 3.2 lbs, which doesn't leave much room if you are trying to stay under 4 lbs. I also really like the look of the 81" Cessna 337 converted to electric. I spent a lot of time last night looking at the Borjet Maja and I am thinking about trying to cut my own plane that would be a combination of the Maja and Jaron's scratch-built flying wing.

    I think I am going to upgrade from an Easystar to a Twinstar and try to make that last for the next year or 40 crashes, whichever comes first. Maybe then, I'll be ready for something made out of wood or ready to make my own out of foam...
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    I still say my Nitromodels 81" Cessna 337 (modified for single EP) is the perfect platform.
    I am planning on eventually adding 4" to each wing section to possibly increase loiter.

    I just rec'd my Aeolian 500kv C4260 monster... I think I may have overreached! The 16x8 prop is HUGE!
    The two 5S 18.5V 4000mAh 15C batteries weigh more than my dog (and he could probably fit inside!)
  • Its an E-DO Cessna OEM, we have 4 in stock, and i think that if you saw one up close, you would see that it looks far better that it really is.

    Dont get me wrong, its a great trainer, but if you want FPV, better get your dremel drilling for oil bit out to hog loads of foam (and its EPO so will clag up even the sharpest of wives tounges!!).....we were considering using one, but dismissed it almost as fast after inspection.

    nice model for its purpose though....
  • to much stuff to get damaged
  • I wouldn't exchange my high wing taildragger trainer (SIG Kadet Senior kit) for 10 such Cessnas! I believe you'll need a concrete landing lane or very short grass to land it without risking the landing gear. Such scale like bird is no good first timer, and even a less good and robust UAV in my opinion. Would be interesting to have a review by someone who has flown it though.
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    Also, there is -4 in stock.

  • Hmmm a closer look at the photos and I dont think there is that much room. Certainly doesnt look anywhere like enough room for a downward facing camera in the cockpit.
  • Hey Gaz I think I know that one too!
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    And if you sign in to Hobby King it's even cheaper $99
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    When I saw that title I thought it was referring to a girl I knew.
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