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3689690850?profile=originalBoeing's Insitu division has released a ground control system that supports Solo, Iris+ and other ArduCopter based drones. University of Nevada is now using it. 


  • Unmanned Vehicle Plug-in for Arducopter: Powerful command and control meets unmanned multicopter technology.

  • Search Plug-in: Time is paramount in every search mission and Inexa Control’s search plug-in helps operators plan and execute a fast, thorough search of an area using nationally recognized search patterns.

  • RF Link Analysis Plug-in: Terrain variation and other conditions can interfere with the transmission of information, but Inexa Control’s RF Link Analysis Plug-in helps operators identify in advance where communications could be potentially compromised.

  • Airspace Management Plug-in: Using an aircraft’s trajectory, vehicle information, and telemetry, Inexa Control’s Airspace Management Plug-in alerts operators of potential airspace violations by considering available airspace options and recognizing areas to avoid.



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  • Hello everyone, I wanted to provide an update that will address some of the inquiries made here and elsewhere

    Inexa Control is Insitu’s ground control station offering that gives operators professional aviation tools to control unmanned systems while staying compliant with emerging Federal Aviation Association (FAA) regulations.  

    Starting at $60 Inexa Control and our unmanned vehicle plugin for Arducopter / Arducopter Simulation will be available August 29th via Insitu’s website.

    Here’s a few aspects of Inexa Control that makes it unique:

    • Provides flight planning, flight simulation, and flight execution all in a single software package. 
    • Integrates with aviation weather services, airspace and enterprise GIS data products to improve situational awareness and reduce operator workload 
    • Features a clear and intuitive software user interface with simple drag and drop navigation


    Some folks have been asking about minimum requirements so I've posted the minimum requirements below:

    Inexa Control Minimum Requirements:

    • Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate (64-bit), Service Pack 1;
    • Processor: Quad Core, 2.2 Ghz, 6MB Cache
    • Memory: 4 Gb DDR3 1600 Mhz
    • Storage: 64 Gb Solid State Drive
    • Graphics Card: 1 Gb GDDR5 Dedicated Memory, DirectX 11.0, Shader 5.0 Gaming Card
    • Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024 at 96 DPI
    • Online Map Service: Broadband Internet Connection separate from vehicle specific communication hardware requirements
    • Offline Map Service: ESRI ArcMap 10.1


    Unmanned Vehicle Plugin for Arducopter Minimum Requirements:

    • Quadcopter utilizing Arducopter / APM Copter firmware 3.3
    • IP Connections: Dedicated Network Interface Card
    • Serial Connections: Dedicated Telemetry Radio

    I'll be posting more updates as well as Insitu's website linked here.  

  • 100KM

    Great! But no fixed wing support :(

  • looking forward to checking out. Will there be any discounts to FAA Accepted Test Center/Sites. I am with NMSU UAS Flight Test Center. We have a few PixHawk and APM Systems that could benefit from this software. 



  • 3D Robotics

    Welcome Greer! Great to hear that. Please post updates here.

  • Hey guys, my name is Greer and I’m the product manager for Inexa: Control.  We’ll be offering it later this year through Insitu’s website where you’ll be able to buy it online. No price details yet!

  • I agree Randy, its a joy see that despite all the different flight platforms which are available out there, that the major institutions (both scientific and industrial) often choose Ardupilot as the go-to solution on which to base their own projects. This is a great testimony of how awesome the Ardupilot platform is - all due to your continued efforts and those of all the devs on this awesome project. Boeing's endorsement of Ardupilot is great PR too! 

  • Developer

    Looks pretty good.  It's got some features that I haven't seen before like the RF link analysis and airspace management plug-ins.  Very happy to see a big organisation like Boeing & Insitu using Ardupilot!

  • Moderator

    Can someone explain the benefits of Inexa control over any other GCS out there? 

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic... I just don't see any new features other than the search plug in.  

  • Good to see Iris+ hanging out!

  • I'd like to know that, too

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