BOLT: Very small, fast + agile Y6 hexacopter

Once in a while a need a new copter, this time it had to be a very small Y6 copter. It is meant for FPV flying, and that really works very good! It fits through really small holes, and it flies very precisely. It is my first Y6, and I am pretty much convinced by this concept. Ok, well, flight time is an issue.. I get 6:30 min with 1000mAh, but that is still reasonable for such an aerodynamic disaster.




Some more pictures can be found here:

Some data:
Max. dimension 21cm
Roxxy 1815/25
Airace propellers
"CCD-Killer" CMOS FPV camera
mGUIDE controller
Turnigy Plush 6A ESCs + I²C->PWM micro converters
3S 1000 mAh battery
274g icl. battery & FPV equipment

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  • The Knife! Love it. Great build too ;)

  • I am going to start with "pretty please"
    You have just the project i wanted to start next.
    Can i possibly get a copy of the cnc cad files for the frame.
    I can do everything else, but cad drawing is not for me. I will get it cut out of aircraft ply if you would be kinf enough to provide (for my personal use oonly of course)
    I really qould be grateful (grovel)
    Thnx in advance


    some info i found the old end the new

  • @michel - It looks like the props are "Air Ace Propeller Set (L&R)" Part No. 5504955

    from an Air Ace III EPO Mosquito III:


  • Coolest little craft I ever did see. Love your work. That and it's offspring could be popular in all kinds of realms. Such neat precision! How was your turning? We don't see too many tight turns in the video. Looks like you could negotiate a forest, FPV, with this little guy. If only it flew for 10+ minutes.
  • hou small ar the Airace propellers good not find the info.
  • wow- absolutly blowen away by this - love it, great job, anoteh ron my "must build" list - definately more sexy than the average micro multi !
  • Where do you buy those I²C->PWM micro converters ?
    I developed them myself and I still have some PCBs here.
    why not the 3 of each side in the same direction and both side in opposite direction?
    well i think that would also work fine. Every combination will have its advantages.
  • I have some basic questions ( I am currently not in tri-quad copters at all ). how do you rotate around the vertical axis of the copter. it seems that you have 2 props turning in one direction and the third one turning in the other direction on both sides( I assume to compensate for the gyroscopic effect) . why not the 3 of each side in the same direction and both side in opposite direction?
  • thanks a lot mr.W.Where do you buy those I²C->PWM micro converters ?
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