Cheap DJI 550 Clone Hexa Frame from HK.


Looks like a clone/unbranded DJI 550 frame from HK is avilable for $17.99.  Seems like a good price.  I just ordered one.  Hope the quality is good.  Will update everyone, when I get it.

BIG NOTE: It looks like this frame does not have the PDB(Power Distribution Board) built in.  I actually like this better, since that means, holes can be drilled without worrying about a short.


UPDATE:  June `14th, 2012

The frame has arrive here's some quick pictures:







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  • I added the pictures to the actual frame that arrived today.

    To check the quality of the arms, I did a weighing of the arms to see if there was a big variance.  Seems to be pretty small.  In grames:

    Red arm: 52.4, 52.3, 52.6

    White arm: 50.4, 50.4, 50.3

    More updates at I build the frame.

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    Sure I could see why you might have that concern on the solder pads, but I have a F550 Flame wheel and I don't see that as a major concern, if you look at the images here of the Jdrones boards, I have built many of these for customers and none have failed.....



    These ESC's are soldered directly to the PDB, the main issue I have seen is the use of connectors to the PDB, all builds I do for my own use or for customers are all fully soldered :)





  • One thing about the integrated PDB, though that I worry about is solder points lifting off the PCB, in flight.  There's lots of high frequency vibrations from the motors.  I would be less worried, if they were through hole.

  • Martin, that's a fair assessment.  I'll follow up with some pictures, and impressions when my clone frame get's here in a couple of weeks.

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    I have seen the arrival of these frames, I have looked at a number of them which are out there, as HK are not the only ones pushing out the "clones", the first thing that I thought was very low cost :), but I found issues with the frame arms, they were full of air bubbles and this is why they break so easy...... I guess you do get what you pay for.... The lack of a PDB can be good and bad, but I think that the Flame wheel PDB works very well and is not too hard to avoid when drilling holes if the need comes about. The guy's at DJI dropped all the frame prices some time back now so a flame wheel will not cost a great deal more than a "clone" and in my opinion it seems like a no brainer to stick to what is known at fair price than chase the lower cost options which normally will work out to cost you more in the longer term...... We all love to save a little money or a lot of money however……… ;)



    Just another point to put in on the "cheap clones" V's the "real ones" DJI have dropped the price on the frames in the past week, so a F450 Flame Wheel & F550 Flame Wheel with the PDB included here in the UK is only a small increase now fom the cheap frames from HK and others, I think they have seen this "clone" movement and have dropped the prices, there is also a drop in the kits which are ARTF, the F450 Flame Wheel & F550 Flame Wheel ARTF kits are now much lower too, which is great news for the market place, more choice for less money!





  • There is now one with PCB available too for US$ 26.99

  • I don't know.

  • Also what I do notice on my non-clone frame is that because of the taper in the middle of the arm, there is a tendency to twist.  Seems to have no effect on flight characteristics, as far as I can tell.  As for vibration, I haven't actually measured anything, but I believe these arms to transmit vibration less than round or square tubes.  This is because of the fact that tubes are by definition conduits and the longitudinal walls.  On the other hand, the 550 arms, have no solid walls to conduct vibration, and with all the cross-bracing, I feel that the vibrations are dissipated before reaching the centre plate where the flight controller is mounted.

  • John Arne Birkeland  “You are thinking about shock absorbers/vibration dampeners, but when the entire arm flexes you get oscillations amplifying the vibration”  Actually I’m thinking of aircraft control surfaces and components.  This is dependent on the cross section, material and length of the arm.  In most cases low frequency oscillation would increase and root vibration (high frequency) would decrease as the arm length increased.

  • I guess something is always bound to break on a crash.  If it's just an arm, it can be replaced.  Kinda like a F1 race car, the flying parts dissipate the energy of the impact. ;-)

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