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  • 3D Robotics
    IKE: Love it! Switched. Our new banner....tada!

    There's $50 towards anything you want in the DIY Drones as a thanks. Just PM me your receipt and your paypal address and I'll reimburse you. Thanks again!
  • I am glad you liked it :)

    I made a replacement banner and a screenshot preview:

    The preview: screenshot

    And the image file in gif: DIY_Drones_Logo_Updated_IKE.gif

    This is just the existing concept with the new drone, I think it looks ok, if you want any alterations (ex the drone with the gear down) I am happy to do them.
  • Far out man!
  • And now with even MORE peace ;-)

    I like the crowdsourceing ideas.
  • The Helios project also by Nasa is an example of a drone with a unique and professional profile, but also with a distinctly non-threatening profile.


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  • 3D Robotics
    IKE, that's terrific! Could you put it on the banner so we can see how it fits with the text? If it looks good, I'd be happy to switch to that (and send you some cool DIY Drones swag as a thanks).
  • Admin
    thanks IKE , silly me :(, did not think of it
  • It is a real photo, here is the link:

    I mirrored it in order to fit in the header with a similar pose.
  • Admin
    Is the 'Ikhana Predator B based on this image from NASA Dryden" a real image or artist impression , if so why is the letters mirrored like in Ambulance ?!! just wondering
  • I made a vector trace of the Ikhana Predator B based on this image from NASA Dryden (it is mirrored):

    I made 3 versions:

    If you prefer it I can make an updated version of the header or send an email with the adobe illustrator file to Chris or whoever manages the website.

    My personal opinion is that if we have to choose from an existing UAV and not something abstract like a logo, the Predator drones are the best choice because they are the most advanced and well known and also are the pioneering project on this field (especially if we consider the work of the great Abe Karim on the Amber, the Predators predecessor).
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