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  • Ive been thinking about a parachute for a high altitude quad or my Bixler for awhile now.... But I was thinking Emergency recovery, but that's pretty slick for recovery on anything without gear..... Just wait till it's overhead, kill the electronics and release the shute.

  • On the other hand they hit dead on with simplicity and efficient design. If it was $699 with an APM I would buy it....

  • Just another bird, a swallow coming from a sUAS provider in Taiwan. . Bungee launch and parachute recovery - 

     Hard to not remind me to Gatewing X100

  • Ka-ching. I just figured out the FAA "No Commercial" loophole. Here's how it works. 

    You run a business that sells mapping drones... Pre-configured. 

    So a customer comes in, you sit down with him and he shows you want he wants mapped. You program the drone and sell it to him, pre-configured and ready to map. He only has to do one thing. Get away from it, and hit "auto". You could even have a training session out back. 

    Customer takes drone home and it maps what he wants. He takes out the sim card and he's done. 

    Customer then goes to a second company that "Refurbs" used drones. This company cleans and verifies the drone, then sells it back to company #1 for re-sale.

    You never fly the drone for commercial purposes. The customer gets what he wants out of it over his private property while he owns it. 

    Finally you buy it back for less than you sold it and there is your profit. 

  • Où était la démonstration? Pouvez-vous donner plus de détails?

  • le week-end passe j ais eu une démonstration de l ensemble c est vraiment bien fait je confirme autonomie complète.
    c est vrai c est cher mais il faut bien comprendre tous ce que cela comprend
    mais vraiment impression positive vu la démo
    merci encore au concepteur pour la démonstration et bonne chance
  • I wonder if they might land some sort of European drone contract? Although I'm not a big fan of the political consequences of unmanned military arial systems, I would think it would be idea for a soldier to just be able to shake it, and toss it up, and then have it return.

  • I thought the image splicing starting at 1:30.00 was very interesting. Is there a way for us, as hobbyists, to get hold of tech like that?

    In any case, they are not charging 20k for materials, probably more likely charging for bad business structure, wasteful R&D and paper work.

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    @James EPP is very tough I have bounced many many wings off things. A while ago one of the T3 challenges was repeatability. Nobody entered, that perhaps points to where most people here are. Unable to fly 5 batteries in a row. IMHO too much time is spent fiddling and too little working ;-) 

    The professional price point will be a function of what aviation regulators demand for paperwork. If I build something and I have to pay $100,000 to get it type approved I am not going to sell the result for $100.

    We used to say the sub $1000 platform is coming, I say the sub $1000 professional platform is now coming just  and £399,99 would be the perfect price point.

    Oh an controlled by my tablet as well. People already have those and so that would keep the price down in my head ;-)

  • Very few people will pay even $1500 for a SenseFly clone, much less the original at $20K, as long as the FAA says that you can't fly one of these and make money (or use them for research/non-profit/academic work, for that matter).

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