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  • Wow, I've been real out of it, to have missed seeing this for 9 days.  Of course it was inevitable.

    Congratulations, to Chris!

  • Developer

    Congratulations Chris, really good news!

  • Wow, a belated "congrats" from Zurich! Can't wait to hear more.

  • Congrats on the jump.

  • Congrats Chris. When can we expect "Drones Monthly" to be hitting the racks? any thoughts? I'm thinking there is enough content with all the proposed laws and contests, and, and... tons of vendors.. Nice unified front someone can actually pick up and read on the plane.

  • Developer

    Congratulations Chris, I actually been wondering rather long why you weren't making this move earlier.

  • Distributor

    Wow cant wait to see where this will bring us!  This is a very big move in a time where the market is getting to a saturation point.  There is now thousands of place where you can buy copters with some kind of auto pilot.  Sure not open and not as fun as the APM and not with this nice community but still we are reaching a certain saturation.   

    This is telling me that you really believe in this and taking this last leap is not a small thing. 

    Very glad to live in this era were we can shape our future so quickly.  

    Congratulation Chris, I am glad for you (and your family!) 

  • Nice to see 3DR growing and you having the confidence in switching gears to make it happen, Chris.

    Bring it on! :)

  • Congratulation Chris. It's so cool seeing someone be able to pursue their passion wholeheartedly. I hope I'm in your shoes sooner rather than later.

  • right move Chris, the sooner the better, wish you all the best and luck.

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