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  • Congratulations Chris.  It's been amazing watching the evolution of this business.  I have marveled at your ability to hold two full time jobs (with overtime demands from both, no doubt).  I wish you the best.

    Paul Marsh

  • Congratulations, and thank you for your commitment to open-source. Aside from opening many doors, you've also opened many minds. Looking forward to your exploits with 3DR.


    Patrick Thompson

    Toronto, Canada

  • Admin

    Hey Chris,

    Congrats too! Nice to see that 3DR has been so successful that you can now make it a full time job!

    If you need a southern east coast rep, I am available.



  • What a great success story.  Go Chris!

  • Congrats Chris!

  • Moderator

    Congratz Chris

  • Moderator

    I know an online UA news website that could do with a hand, should you get bored. Interesting times, nice one Chris.

  • Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I am very excited for you Chris. What an adventure!
  • Congrats Chris. I wish you great success. If you ever need a good program manager (especially if you want to open a Seattle office) drop me a note ;)
  • Moderator

    Just blame it on a posting made from your fart phone, that's what I do!

    Well done Chris, that's awesome.  Now as one of the last Wired functions, how bout that oober cheap (aka FREE) subscription to Wired for my students to read on break?

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