Closed-source developer forced open-source

For those who are just now joining this thread already in progress... I recently learned how easy it is to disassemble .NET programs. I belived my source code was being posted without my consent and have since been in contact with the user in question and all is good...

That said, please, if you're a .NET developer who's considering creating and selling a commercial program there are programs out there like .NET Reflector (FREE) which can easily disassemble and display your code in seconds.... Do yourself a favor and look into obfuscation software for .NET which will atleast make it harder to disassemble and will, for the most part, stop the casual hacker from viewing your code.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback I've gotten from everyone here and I'm moving forward with the GCS .NET. I am going to release it as open source but I'd like to get more of the development out of the way before I start getting other people involved. I haven't had much success with multi-developer situations and I'd like to get my "big ideas" done before letting everyone else have at it.

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  • I just stepped in here and while I sympathize with Happy's problem here, there are some veiled and not so indirect accusations being made about entens that should not be made here. Its in our policies, no personal attacks. Applies to everyone, no exceptions.

    We all support and encourage Happy and others to work, learn, grow and contribute to what goes on here.

    I'd like to close this blog. I think its been discussed enough, here.

    Its up to Happy to pursue this as he feels he needs, commenting further here will only complicate this issue and honestly creates some negativity that we don't want, don't need here.
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    This has been a very emotional thread.

    Things seem better this morning after reading the epilogue, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth.

    I hope Happy feels better about these latest turns.
  • Let's all hug.
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    entens: thanks for your comment and explanation, which is very welcome. I appreciate your sensitivity to the way this was received and am glad that you have clarified that it more a matter of ambiguous phrasing and inconsiderate tone, rather than malice or disregard for authorship rights. Hopefully we've all learned something constructive from this episode.

  • This seems to be quite the misunderstanding, and I apologize for it, but I see the need to defend myself here.

    I did not steal HK's code. My project has a codebase completely independent from HK's. I do not enjoy being called a theif, especially when the accuser jumps to conclusions. It was very stupid of me to create the post leading to this situation.

    I'm glad that you all are willing to defend a member of your community, but I did not open source his work. If I'm guilty of anything, its making a stupid and ambiguous remark.
  • Hello Happy,
    There're ways to also encrypt the .net .exe file so reflector can't even open. The other program that was mentioned will make it almost impossible to read but the combination of both it's what it makes really hard to read the code.
    To be honest, I could spend some time and help you with the incredible work that you're doing if the project is in google and if you accept me as member.
    I've 15 year of experience in programming but I don't do for life, I just use as a tool to perform some tasks.
    Indeed many folks can learn from your code but I think that this user from RCGroups should be banned from there.
    If you need any help with Google SC repository PM me and let me know what can I do.
  • I made a long post, but based on reading the RCGroups project, his code isn't based on yours. I wouldn't be surprised if it's influenced by your source, but it's not based on that codebase, and so a DMCA takedown notice probably wouldn't be the right thing to do in this case. You'd have to talk to a lawyer, which I imagine you don't want to do.
  • Hi Happy

    Please continue your great work. Why not stop this guy with a DMCA.
    After reading the five supporting pages the DIY Drones members where writing in the last FOUR hours, there is no more extra comment from my side. Everything is said.
    Thanks for your great software you wrote and shared with us. Please do not give up.

    Christof, Switzerland
  • @caid, I see your point. But in my view this is a bit like argumenting for that a car is safe, even if the brakes don't work -becauce any pro driver knows about it and drives accordingly. Besides, they uses another type of car when they wants to go fast.

    I am however glad for this thread, and think the important thing for me and others who are using the the .net platform is to learn about it's pitfalls from Happys experiences.
  • braker. it is not a wide hole, because all professional developers know how easy it is.
    If someone comes up with some revolutionaries code, they can write them in native language, and then they can keep them secret a little longer.
    For everyone else, the code we write, have probably been written before many times, in different forms.

    And just because it is readable for everyone who knows reflector, it doesn't mean it is open source.
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