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  • @Ravi:

    The DJI is streaming HD LIVE, that beats the analog SD that everybody else (ignoring the other top end HD streamers) is doing.

    When someone releases cheap HD cameras and tx/rx systems that will be big news. DJI is already half way there, considering your getting a drone + gimbal + hd camera for just over a $1200~, thats almost pretty cheap.

  • From what I have heard Ravi, clear superiority of Hero 4 4K is not so obvious any more and there are some claims DJI is actually better.

    No matter, I want a Black Magic Micro anyway.

    I suspect the Solo will achieve good penetration of the commercial market but the Phantom 3 is simply building on a huge overall Phantom sales success.

    It is interesting that in price and capability that the Solo sort of falls between the Phantom 3 and the Inspire.

  • I think u should also discuss the processing power of the onboard computer. The flight controller of SOLO is way more powerful than Phantom3. Hero 4 is far superior to the custom camera of Phantom 3. You must discuss which processor both birds are using.

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