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  • I have a couple Fit-PC 3s that I have for work.  They are okay, however Foxconn sells a tiny nettop based on the E-350 which is much faster and more modern (and 1/4 the price!)

  • Gumstix, Beagleboard, Pandaboard, etc. are all great barebone boards and don't come with any bulky stuff, some even have built-in WiFi which can be handy if you don't need super long-range comms.

  • Check out the Gumstix Overo computers (especially the Fire and Water). Haven't flown one yet but the power is there to run linux et al.

    Gumstix, Inc.
    A global leader in embedded hardware development and manufacturing, Gumstix gives customers the power to solve their electronic design challenges.
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    @Maxime, the dronolab one is quite nice. I'm reading it carefully. It also uses OpenCV, which I intend to use!

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    @Rory Paul, yes you are right. I was looking into ethernet option as well. 

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    @Monroe, the board found @ looks good :-). I guess we can't develop on linux or windows on it?

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    @Elison, I'm talking about something that want to take up in air... 

  • Ruwan, are you talking about a desktop platform, or are you talking something that you want to take up in the air?

  •          this was some students project 4yrs ago not me but it has a simuliar  basis

  • well the pico is what i bought when the fit went to hell . with mini itx/pico you have more motherboard/power  option power supply adapters memory wifi bluetooth anything a full pc has . with the fit it was set for set up few options i would like another for its simplicity but the pico is still running strong ..      try there main site new stuff


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