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  • Really, "Singer attacks Concert Drone"???  Did the person who posted this absurd headline actually read the article??  Or did you just look at the picture and make up a headline?  Perhaps you should go work for Buzzfeed if your not interested accurate reporting.

  • This is strange. Years ago it would be absolutely impossible to fly an RC plane or helicopter over the crowd during some concert or similar event because it could injure someone. I remember a friend was struck to head by a tiny balsa glider (but also with tiny piece of lead on the front). Said it really hurt.

    I thought it will be required to have somehow protected propellers when flying among people...

  • I agree with John.

    Question: What was he even trying to do?! he like he was trying to kiss is almost.

    Same here Mr. Mortimer, isn't that against the law to have a drone that close to a crowd? it seems only more dangerous when it is indoors.

  • Admin

    From a very popular movie: "Stupid is as Stupid does"



  • Don't think I'd want anything landing in my hand or anywhere near my face with 4 knives spinning at very high speed
  • So after watching this, how about the land in your hand Lilly Camera drone

  • I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. He thought it was floating there in front of him. He really didn't think it had propellers.

  • Wow... Looks like a lot of blood there. Bet he won't do that again
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    So does he get charged for interfering with an aircraft in flight or the operator for flying over a crowd. I guess if it was indoors all bets are off.

  • Still prefer the Madonna cape yank.

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