Copter-GCS with Mission Support and more

3689419020?profile=originalHello all,

Hope no-one object to another update. For those who use this, I've set up a mail list at so that bug notifications and updates can be sent to users.


Now for the updates:

I've finally gotten mission support on Copter-GCS working. Load from the copter, edit, drag the waypoints on the map and add new ones by touching the map for a second.


3689419040?profile=originalEditing the waypoints is also fully supported. More specific menus is pushed back to a later version. You can reorder the waypoints by dragging them around in the list. I'm hoping to improve this for a future version though.


I've fixed a few potential use error with the transmitter calibration, and added mode switch setup:

3689418648?profile=originalThe current mode is shown in yellow, and selecting any drop-down menu shows the various options. As soon as you select it, the mode is stored.


3689418942?profile=originalHardware setup is now also available. Once done, just hit save, and you should be good to go.


Finally, the PID view is now auto-generated based on the MAVLink parameters. This means that APM users will be able to have better use of the system now.


Check out for more details/images.

As usual, comments/bug reports/feature requests are more than welcome.



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  • I am trying to use copter gcs on htc flyer. I have 3dr radio and bluetooth bluesmirf gold. How the pin connections are to be made between 3dr radio and bluesmirf. I have right now connected the tx, rx, cts and rts of bluesmirf with 3dr radio tx, rx, cts and rts respectively. Am i doing correct?

  • More specifically can XBee Explorer Regulated be used with 3dr radio?

  • Can this setup be used with the 3dr radio?

  • hi

    this feature is very very useful!

    it s a great opion for all users but it seem to be new since febuary..

  • Hey,

    I have tried to extend your code.

    I am facing an issue with some missing C files.

    Is that expected?


  • Bart,

    Any news on a update?



  • Ah, yes the DIY board doesn't have either problem, so 5v should be fine. I was thinking of the explorer board specifically for both issues.

  • Bart, I didn't notice any problems yet, maybe they appear ocasionally or maybe because I use not the explorer board, but official Xbee adapter from DIYDrones with (with FTDI to USB cable for PC connection).
    I used 5v because both Xbee and Bluetooth modules has their own internal 3.3v voltage regulators. Maybe you're right and it worth to set external 3.3v voltage regulator for all the circuit.
    I'm sure I will have some questions soon and then I'll ask you. Thank you for your help, Bart!
  • @Kirill

    I'll add a note on the wiki. Remember if you are using a 900mhz xbee that the diode on the din line (on the explorer) causes problems. Also, powering at 5v may not work well, so drop to 3.3v if you have trouble. Good luck :)

    Let me know if you have issues with copter-gcs. Be careful, remove the props the first time to make sure there are no unexpected effects from config etc.
  • Just wired up and made a connection test, it works fine!

    There were some complications with changing the baud rate (everyone knows it must be 57600), but nowhere is said what is the default for modem. It turned out to be 115200 by default. I think, it should be mentioned somewhere in wiki, dedicated to this project, to avoid wasting of time on this for those who do it for the first time like me today :)

    For the first time I will use external 5V battery. I need to find some appropriate case and set all these into it.


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