DJI Inspire 1 thermal Gimbal



Dual Sensor IR + EO Thermal gimbal for DJI Inspire 1/Pro with 16MP Daylight and Flir Thermal IR camera support. Onboard video recording, geotagging system combined with advanced control unit and real time digital video transmission through DJI GO app.

Gemini IR-Pro dual sensor gimbal provides high precision pointing accuracies in a small, lightweight payload specially designed for DJI Inspire.  more details

Main Features

Gemini IR-Pro is the most advanced thermal gimbal for DJI Inspire in the market! Fully plug&play, with the same mount adapter of Zenmuse X3/X5

  • 3-axis 360° dual sensor thermal gimbal for DJI Inspire
  • Plug & Play system with adapter for Inspire Gimbal mount
  • DJI Go App Ready with Thermal/Daylight Video feedback
  • Additional remote controll for Gimbal and camera function (868mhz, 2km range)
  • Simultaneously daylight and thermal live view (2km range, optional)
  • Flir Ready (Flir Vue, Vue Pro, Vue Pro-R, Tau 2, Thermal Capture 1&2
  • Advanced remote control for FLIR camera (tilting, palettes, digital zoom..etc)
  • Onboard 16MP Sony Exmor Camera
  • Synchronized IR+EO photo and video
  • Geotaging System with automatic/manual trigger control
  • TimeLapse with Synchronized IR+EO images
  • Target lock, automatically hold the video centered on the scene douring movements
  • Fully powerd from DJI Inspire, no extra battery, no wire, just plug & fly

more details


more details

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  • Any idea what video-out formats are available?

  • How does the target lock work? Computer vision? Or calculated from gimbal angle and distance of target from sensor?
  • 100KM

    All that's missing is 10x zoom on the Sony. And an open version for us DIYers...

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