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  • P2P, throughout the entire engagement they appear to be flying within the Dead Man's Curve.  A forced autorotation would have been pretty bad for the crew.

  • It's not a good move by the helicopter pilot. This is really unlikely, but it's possible for the downdraft to upset the quadcopter, which might automatically react with full power to stabilize itself, then leave the downdraft and shoot above the helicopter and get sucked into the rotor from above. Again, it's unlikely, but it's certainly possible. It would probably be like a golf ball hitting a train, don't want to find out.

  • There is restricted area? O_o

  • What I'm not seeing anywhere is where the USPP Helo was placing itself if any undo danger during this incident.

  • The debate isn't so much about whether it was legal to fly there or not.  It's about whether the helicopter pilot's actions were warranted, and made the situation better or worse.  Sure, it could be a dangerous corridor to fly a drone in.  But what's worse?  A 2kg Phantom flying around at low altitude?  Or 4000lb helicopter with a damaged tail rotor trying to find a place for an emergency landing?

  • The rc pilot shouln't be flying there, period. Nobody is saying he was ok there. The title is biased, agree. The officers are with the rc pilot in the moment the heli fly over the quad. Maybe the quad was not so freaking dangerous, I gess the heli pilot know better than you and me. Again, common sense in "both sides". 

  • So your concern is the RC pilot being blamed for an accident??  In this location, the true concern is the RC pilot causing an accident.  The park police helicopter was flying right where it always flies.  They did not do anything outlandish or risky just to "attack" the phantom.  In fact, the title of this blog is incredibly stupid.  The Park Police did not attack his drone.  The park police helo was right where it belonged.  The user of the RC aircraft was not.

  • "Sir, could you please bring back your rc aircraft and land it?" would do the job. No need to put the rc pilot in a situation in that if the full scale heli had and accident, law enforcement could blame him. Common sense in "both sides", please

  • @Sam and others.  The helicopters did not just fly up there to intercept a Phantom toy.  That helo is in the air all day long every day around DC.  They're conducting law enforcement, motorcade surveillance, and rescue operations all the time.  It is also not a "law enforcement over reach".  Like I said, it is illegal in numerous ways.  Not just "someone doesn't like it".  And for numerous actual good reasons.

  • probably cost more than $70 for the fuel used in the helicopter

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