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  • ahahhaa great footage  :D

  • Moderator

    Really nice, and going mega-viral!  I've had about 3 people forward this to me already.

  • Ahhhh, just another hot day at the steel mill.  ;-)

  • 00:15... "Helm, all back full! Sound collision!"  This is perhaps the most incredible UAV footage ever.

  • Must be Unique footage - before UAVs that wouldnt have been possible.

  • T3

    When I read the title, my first thought was "Did it fly back OUT of the volcano??"

    Based on the video, I THINK we are looking at glowing hot ash, not lava.  Notice how it floats down like snow, and how the copter got hit in the face by it and survived.  I'm guessing the prop wash managed to keep the hot ash away from the sensitive parts of the copter.

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    I don't worry if it is 10 feet away or 1000 feet away. I'm not putting my vehicle there. It's still great and amazing to watch.
  • Developer

    If that was a GoPro with the standard wide angle lens, they where close. Very, very close since things tend to look like they are farther away then in reality on wide angles lenses.

  • Rewatching it I think you are right. Wonder how big the lava bits are. Considering that they are red hot in daylight after flying through the air, they cannot be tiny.
  • @ ikrase

    Hmm, the blast near the beginning, the one that's replayed in slo-mo, looks like it's all around the camera - I've got shots on my gopro of RC cars throwing dirt right toward and past the camera that look just like that (minus the red heat, needless to say). You can see the pilot backing out too. Looks to me like he got lucky there! All the rest does seem to be from a bit further out, but it's sure all really nifty!

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