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  • Has any one put this in a phantom?


  • Ellison: Wow, how did I misread that?

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    yes it's in my basement! a lot of them but I am very pleased to see how fast they are selling. I think I only have 5-6 left from the initial batch order.  

    I am also getting soon replacement parts and the entire (I wish) DJI product lineup. 

    so S800 and all on the way (soon) 

    If you are around drop by and I'll let you fly mine! 


  • Nope, I don't plan to get an SFOC, as I'm a hobbyist, but was just semi-joking with Dany, as his flights could be construed as commercial.

  • Oh, why the SFOC then?  Just for fun?  I've sort of thought about doing that too.  I know several people who were able to get a blanket yearly SFOC for certain regions, after having established a track-record with TC.  So I'm thinking of getting started on that.

    Are you saying that you are just using your MAAC insurance to cover you for the insurance requirement of the SFOC?  If so, then I'll definitely get started.

    I don't have any business insurance, don't have a business started yet.  I'm not operational yet (ie: no camera flying) but will be soon.  Then I'll be at the chicken/egg stage as far as business insurance is concerned.  

  • Hey Robert I don't fly commercially.  Strictly hobby, at the moment, and I'm member of MAAC, which covers me.  Having been in the insurance business before, I would recommend talking to the same broker that's providing you with the business liability coverage.  In my mind, it should not be any different than coverage for any type of equipment operation. 

  • @Dany, technically, it is "there" already.

    Ellison: we'll have to chat.  I'm getting close to that point myself.  I'm curious what you've found for insurance.

  • My wife bought one for me for my birthday last week. It is an awesome entry level quad for the new pilot. Of course underneath it all its just a quad frame with Naza-M and the GPS module but the design is nice, seems very strong and the look of the quad is impressive. The added go pro mount is nice and the strength of the frame is noticeable. I am using it to train my oldest son, and he was able to take off and hover and fly around without ever touching a Quad before. It really is that easy to get started with the phantom. I am already modding mine for additonal batteries etc...there is a rich community itching to take this thing as far as it can go, price wise when you think about it is very very reasonable. Naza-M alone without GPS is $230 add $169 for GPS we are at $399 and then add engines - frame - escs - pdb - radio($270 total) they really are keeping it to the minimum on cost. The frame also looks to be semi-water proof atleast on top. Bottom not so much, but I bet it could fly well in snow conditions and light rain.

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    Good idea Ellison ...for quads. 

    Too bad that won't work for my 30lb ArduPlane.

  • Fly in doors, SFOC not needed in that case.

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