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  • just watched the show the waterfall shot makes up for the crash nice work ;-)

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    Comment by Simon Alexander on Tuesday
    no they don't in Canada you need a SFOC permit easy to get in Alaska we flew for demo purposes did not get paid for the aerial footage got paid as a camera operator which we did everyday when not flying.Guyana they don't care

    Pretty obvious that this was not a demo flight. You yourself said you're flying 6d/wk for the last 7mo. If it was ok by FAA rules to charge as a camera operator and 'give away' the footage everyone and their brother would be doing it for real estate, commercials, farming etc. Fact is you don't want to follow the laws of the FAA regardless of how illogical they are at present. Since the footage was 'free' maybe I should ask discovery for a free non-royalty copy of all the shows? The moment they aired the aerial footage it became an asset, which equates to $$. GyronimoAerial is well within the laws of Canada but not the USA to operate in this manner.

  • It's not the battery that causes the errors as such, it has more to do with the Lipo leads bending out of the battery. The bend in the Lipo wires is what causes magnetic errors.
    Try it for yourself have the battery hang straight down you will see your compass deviation move :-)
  • I am glad that the videos helped! They are old but somehow eye opening since we can not smell magnetic fields (yet...)

  • @crashpilot - that second vid where he puts the compass on top of the lipo is hectic! that is definitely the issue I am experiencing then... 

  • @Crashpilot I didn't take into account the fact that the lipo itself can cause the disturbance - thinking about it it makes sense that it would, I have my GPS compass unit on the stick that DJI supply BUT I mount the lipo basically directly below it! DOH!

    I'm going to try and mount the battery under the copter and see if that makes a difference...Sometimes the obvious is the last place you look...

  • Guys , I have done several measurements about magnetic field that can affect the mag on a multi rotor with a specific instrument. The result is that there are several objects which can perturb the compass, for example battery alarms buzzers or simply magnetized metal bolts but as rule of thumb since the effect is, if I'm not wrong, the cube of the distance the best idea is to take the mag away , even two centimeters can make a big difference. So IMO, forget shields, magic batteries etc, just keep the mag away.
  • @Jb Thank you very much for your video!

    Btw meanwhile I found the videos I meant...

    and (more interesting part2):

  • hi that mumetal seams to do the trick does any thing have it in or where would you buy it from


  • Here is my video showing compass interference testing :

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