DJI style case for 3DR Gps Modules


New to the ArduCopter world, so here goes.. finished my first hex build a few weeks ago, so have been working on a few cosmetic upgrades.. It's a bit silly but I like the little puck gps modules that DJI has, so decided to make and share a similar design of my own with everyone..

If you have a 3d printer grab the files from the link below, you can also use a service such as shapeways to print the parts needed, and if there is enough demand I could possibly kit up some units with all the pieces.

The Parts

The Assembly Guide

enjoy, more parts coming soon... 


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  • Distributor

    @Sandro, I know what you mean...
    Here we are not "specialists", here "ALL" of us should come with our minds open to lean, to teach and, to be patient one each other. (in the offices, our conscience will drive us)
    Peace guys, peace...

  • Here are some options...

  • @Dimitri

    Where'd you get the Thing-o-matic?  Aren't they discontinued?

    I was looking to get a 3D printer for Christmas, but I can't find anything I can build for less than $1000.  I think even the Mendel is almost $1500 by the time you buy everything?

  • Developer

    @That's cool Andy! Did you manage a way for having a ground shield on the bottom part of the housing?

    @Eduardo... just criticizing wouldn't help. ;)

    It would be nice if you tell us why it does matter. So, what are you trying to say? Is that about the groun plate shielding? Is that about the tower height?

  • Do you know way DJi use this solution for GPS ?

    for sure NOT !

    Its not only cosmetic ...

  • Good timing, just got my thing-o-matic working and printing. Thank you for sharing !

  • Thanks all! got some more to post soon, 

     The LED's are for GPS/ARM Status, they are 2 - 10mm RGB LED's that I had laying around connected to the APM on A7 & A6, set LED_MODE = 3 in Mission planner. (note Led's have 100ohm resistor to limit current)

    (more info about external led's in this post here.. >> LINK << )

    I will post the model of the led holder soon. 

    also coming soon, is a small case for the telemetry "AirRadio"..

  • I've been looking for this! THX

  • Another request for the LED description, like the mounting method :-)
  • that is cool, id like to  see a video of how it works, ect.. before id buy it, but thats deff. a prospective money maker you got there.

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