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DroidPlanner 2.0 Beta Announced


The DroidPlanner team, led by Arthur Benemann, is pleased to announce the next version of its Android-based UI. DroidPlanner 2.0 offers a completely redesigned interface for controlling 3DR multirotors over Mavlink. The UI/UX has been rethought with an emphasis on simplified workflows, glanceable information, and reliability for the most common user actions.

DroidPlanner 2.0 centers around two screens: Telemetry and Planning. The telemetry screen allows users to quickly assess the state of the aircraft and perform quick actions, like loiter and land. The planning screen allows users to create missions on the fly, as well as edit them easily in the field. Other features, particularly those different from the original DroidPlanner, are listed below. The DroidPlanner 2.0 UI was specifically targeted at multirotors, but full plane support and all the features of the original DroidPlanner are coming soon!


  • Completely redesigned graphical user interface
  • Specifically designed for 3DR multirotors and Iris
  • New telemetry screen showing quick glanceable info: HUD, battery, RSSI, distance
  • Easy to use Home, Land, and Loiter buttons
  • New guided mode with changeable altitude
  • Quick mode switching
  • New planning screen for quick mission generation
  • Easy and powerful mission editing tools
  • Basic radio TX setup
  • Preflight checklist

Coming soon:

  • Survey tools in the mission planning screen
  • FollowMe 2.0 with advanced control options
  • New flight tuning screens
  • Improved radio configuration
Here are the instructions to download:
3) Download the app from the Play Store (this may take 30 mins or so to go live for you after you become a beta tester)

The app is still in a beta release, bugs can be reported on Github.

For additional support check out the DroidPlanner forum.

If you like the app consider making a donation to support the development.

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  • Arthur,

    Maybe it is just me but I would still love to see the ability to change the units of measure. I am not very good at converting Metric to Knots and Feet. I hope this is something still in the works for the near future. I would use Droid Planner more if this option was available.  I recently got a Nexus 7 Gen 1 and it works much better then my SVP. So I am looking forward to getting more use out of it. 

    Great work Arthur and your doing a great job on the software. 


  • Developer

    @John: We have some improved Follow-me functions on the pipeline that should give you the control you want. For now I suggest you to use simple mission planning.

  • I've been learning to fly with the toy V262 quadcopter, so I don't yet have something sophisticated enough to work as a UAV.  I am eying several different off the shelf 'copters, though, so I might be able to join the big kids by the end of the year.

    As a caretaker on a 25 acre property that is a rather rugged piece of land, I like the survey capability in the software, and I've downloaded it to my Android Galaxy S4 phone for evaluation.

    Perhaps this should go to the github site as a feature suggestion, but what do you think of the idea of adding a Lead Me function which would be the opposite of the Follow Me function?  Seems to me that if you see something interesting in your survey photos, it would be useful for the 'copter to be able to lead you to it for personal inspection.

  • @Arthur I like the latest version of Droidplanner a lot.

    Just one thing I notice: If I turn on the off-line maps feature, restart the app, there will be no map tiles to show/loaded. If I turn the feature off, the map appear after an app restart.

    Thought you should know. 

    Keep up the good work. Love the app!

  • Developer

    @Richard: Thanks for your comment. We will definitely be working on those for items.

  • Awesome.  It just keeps getting better!

  • Developer

    @Oysten: Follow-me and POI will be added in a future release, and I hope to add all features that you described.

  • Great app!!!!

    I just got my Iris upgrade and the tarot gimbal. Ready for some follow-me! Any update on this mode? 

    Also, what happens if I have the Iris follow-me down a hill? Will it continue at a constant altitude? Or can it follow the google earth elevation at the set initial altitude?

    Also, for auto missions, I see that ARDU copter supports point of interest. Will this be possible to add when drawing the path to follow?

    Keep up the good work!!!


  • Developer

    @Barrett: As I replied for the previus question, we are going to change to +- in a future release. In fact one of the developers has already codded it.

    It's flat out amazing the accuracy of the auto missions.

    If you mean that the copter follow the mission plan correctly, the kudos is entirely for the ArduCopter dev team.

  • @Arthur, would it be possible to have + and - and be able to direct enter as well? It's flat out amazing the accuracy of the auto missions. Y'all are doing a fantastic job! Much thanks.


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