Drone shot down by police

While filming the protests at Taksim Square, Istanbul Turkey, a DJI Phantom is brought down by police. I'm surprised that he managed to keep the footage. Many people arrested at the protests report having their memory card wiped.


Yes I made that headline as sensationalistic as possible ;)

Polisin vurarak düsürdügü helipoterden görüntüler! / Footage from Police shot helicopter! [HD] from Jenk K on Vimeo.

Polis kameralı helikoptere ateş etti / Police shot RC copter @ Taksim Gezi Park from Jenk K on Vimeo.

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  • lol "Flying over crowds= not safe."

    >as if that protest is anywhere near safe.

  • The pilot felt safe. That was the fault.

  • Intimidating police with "aggressive" flying = also not safe.

  • Idea was good, i agree that filming such events must be done. Air gives more ways and less danger to the guy filming. BUT as the video making was done, It was quite careless. Not only from the crowd safety but also from the not getting shot down part of the filming and flying. 

    Quite soon there will probably be police quads that are built to take down filming drones. I might build one myself... 

    From the police side, i understand also why it was shot down. "WTF is it flying over our heads all the time"

    Cool video anyways. 

  • Ha! Thanks for the safety lesson Monroe. I needed a good laugh.

  • Obviously it was a bit of a stunt, if this was just for the footage he should have never brought it within 100' of the police at the risk of looking like an aggressor. But for $700 this was pretty cheap footage. I believe a plane would have been a much better choice for this type of observation.

  • look at its little heart slowly beating..........

    its a good idea though, our word against theirs and who did what

  • Standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square...not safe.  Braving the full force of a fire hose stream...not safe.  Filming a protest in Turkish unrest...not safe.  I'm pretty sure the protesters would rather have the quad above them filming the event to be taken to rest of the world than worry about their safety from a possible quad crash.

  • I'm guessing that it was shot with rubber pellets or with a tear gas grenade. You can kind of see the streak of the projectile before it hits the Phantom.

  •  Shooting drone over crowd = safe  .....

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