Thanks for all the interest and support so far. I should have the site up and running in the next week! Still trying to figure out the most cost effective hosting solution. :) I'll definitely contact everyone who has contacted me with interest in beta testing when it is ready. I took a few days off from coding to try and get my 3DR quad flying. It was almost a success until a tethered flight in the garage went bad! Lost a motor and some props, waiting on parts now. :)

Progress on each workflow/UAV:

Pteryx UAV - 9/10 completed. (.csvp)

MAVinci UAV - 9/10 completed. (.csvm)

ArduCopter - 7/10 completed. (.log) accuracy isn't the best / (.gpx file is lacking compass/heading info)


(blended mosaic has trouble from forest coverage, fewer auto detected control points. it does better once resolution is turned up)

MAVinci Sample Imagery Processed! :D Very big thanks to the MAVinci team and the support they have given me! It has been very helpful in improving the MAVinci support and making some nice maps. They have a couple of really nice sample imagery sets at the following link: ftp.mavinci.de

The processing will work with GPS EXIF enabled images or not. I don't have access to non-GPS enabled images and the associated flight logs so I haven't coded this fully yet. It supports Canon and Panasonic camera's at this point, as this is all the sample imagery I could get a hold of. I can certainly add the code once I get additional camera and imagery formats. So keep an eye out for that.. 


* blended mosaic isn't georeferenced

* control point detection isn't the best in forest, desert type areas

* ie css/browser issues

* unfinished non-gps enabled imagery workflow

* a bunch of others

I also added a interface to open source bundler, which will create 3D point clouds from the images. Once completed you can download the ply/pointcloud bundle as a zip file and do as you wish. Most of the following workflow: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/making-digital-elevations?xg_source=activity Thanks Mark!


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  • Please feel free to notify me whenever if you need test user, or can take a subscribed user :)

  • @Andke Thanks for the ideas. I will keep that in mind. Definitely something for the future. :)

  • neat - please be aware that there's  a market for photos at an angle as well.  - sometimes, more important market, (bigger) than vertical photos. 

  • @Andke thx! it works best with vertical or near vertical images. the Pteryx and MAVinci imagery in the screenshots is near-vertical or a few degrees off here and there so we get a few errors. :)

  • great project - will you handle photos taken at 45degree, - or only photos taken directly down. ?

  • Thanks again. :) I am deploying a server on EC2 today and should have it up for beta by next week. After the hints from Chris, I am definitely going to need to redo the Ardu workflow. Unfortunately, my quad is down one motor and I haven't flow it yet so I am lacking good Ardu data. I know a couple of you guys have offered that, I'll get in touch early next week. Thx JP

  • I like this... YOur doing a great job and keep it up. I am looking forward to using your site...

  • Awesome work!  Looking forward to initial tests.

  • @Mark thanks! i will check that out. right now, if the camera information isn't detected or incomplete it will allow the user to fill in the information. :) it would be cool to allow it to query that database. thanks for all the great tutorials, work and ideas, super inspirational! 

  • JP, I have an updated (late 2010) tutorial for making DEMs from point clouds on my blog:  Markeology

    As you've probably noticed, many cameras lack all the information you need in the EXIF header.  There is a small database of the parameters you need to fill in the some of the blanks here:


    Beautiful work!


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