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3689538252?profile=originalFrom The Verge:

new website called Dronestagram is hoping to invigorate the creativity of commercial drone owners by giving them a place to upload the breathtaking aerial photographs that can be captured using their personal vehicles. That seemingly makes Dronestagram one of the few web projects that are actually trying to create a distinction between military and commercial drone use, rather than protesting the vehicles altogether — even the name "Dronestagram" has already been co-opted by an unrelated (and still ongoing) project to raise awareness of military drone strikes.

Altogether, this new Dronestagram hopes to build an entire view of the earth through user-submitted photographs taken from drone-mounted cameras. The website is still just getting started, but its current smattering of pictures already range from artistic portraitsto incredible landscapes. “Drones are becoming more and more important in our lives," Dronestagram founder Eric Dupin told VentureBeat. "The civilian drone market is really exploding.” Dupin wants to start a community of enthusiasts while the market is still young. The military may have given drones an image problem that he'll have to overcome, but it's hard to ignore the stunning photographs that Dronestagram has already collected

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  • btw, I would not fly a drone next to that building... would for sure get into troubles with cops!

  • guys, I leave in Dubai and this is view from burj khalifa the tallest building in the world...

  • I tried looking, and it is no longer there. A Google search does show A LOT of media buzz over this though. They may have just created the best advertising campaign for a parking page, EVER!

  • Well that was fast. The site has now been taken down and replaced with a parking page. Maybe they ran into trademark issues with the other Dronestagram site the news articles mentioned?

  • Me I am using 360cities.net to publish my pictures. There is a separate section for aerial pictures, needs to be 360.

    My pictures takes from my UAV are at this location

    Once pictures are reviewed and accepted, they are available and visible on Google Earth or Google map.

    But for non 360, sure I could use dronestagram.

  • It's probably untouched... flying in Florida (full size aircraft), it's amazing how much "haze" there can be at just 1,000 or 2,000 ft AGL. Between humidity and particles in the air, the 'haze' can create that lighting effect. The ultra-blue water probably throws off the color balance here the most. ;-)  .... That Dronestagram site is pretty neat. Just seeing all the really amazing photos is quite inspiring! The commercial use of drones for photography is going to be gigantic if the FAA can ever get that sorted out.

  • It's the lighting, it's so even that it doesn't look real.  Could be photoshopped (not faked, just shadow lightening etc) a bit resulting in the "unreal" look.  Or dust storm maybe?  

  • It doesn't even require flying.  Just reupload your 6 year old aerial photography & it instantly becomes modern military drone footage, becoming more & more important in our lives.

  • It's real. Check out the satellite photo... https://maps.google.com/maps?q=dubai&ie=UTF8&hl=en&hq=&...

  • I figured it was Dubai.  But there's something about the image quality, it just seem CG.  But I can't say for sure. Just curious is all.

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