Ducted Fan Tricopter

I have been experimenting with a ducted fan tricopter.  It flys much better then I thought it would, flying time is about 5 minutes on a 4 cell 3300mah battery.  It is a blast to fly.

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  • You'd need an extra channel for each additional edf that swivels.  Right now, the max is 8 channels for an octo.  So the best you can get is 4 edfs with swivel servos.  The code should be relatively simple.  We would just have to replace the yaw part of the code to drive a servo instead of adjusting the motor speed.

    But there's no point, if the efficiency issue is not addressed.  Four edf's mean there's four times more efficiency loss.  You might not even be able to fly for more than a minute on a typical battery.

  • that would be very COOL. Can the existing software accommodate one or more of the motors changing orientation like that?

  • I would think that putting the effort into the development of very lightweight shrouds for tri or quad copters might be more cost and efficiency effective. Conventional EDF's are extremely inefficient, especially when flown at extremely slow speeds (hovering?).  Now if you could get the EDF's to transition from hover to level flight; that would be a cool trick.

  • Sounds like the are awful lot of mosquitoes around

  • Developer

    Next step, jet turbines.. :)

  • Well Done Ed, this was in my head for a long time and I am glad somebody had the courage to put into action.

    great work and good luck.

  • In defence or edf's, they are good generating high thrust, and of course are less prone to influence by turbulent air. (i.e. wind)  They're just not very good at generating efficient lift for quads.  If only there was a way to make them more efficient.

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    They are great at converting energy into noise

  • Awesome! Good work sir.

  • The cost of crashing an EDF keeps the popularity down.

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