E-flite Convergence with PX4


It’s amazing how many variations of hybrid VTOL systems are already out there, and it is even more amazing to see them fly with fully functional autopilots. The E-flite Convergence is a nice little tiltrotor and lots of fun to fly, BUT what if you lose track of it and just want to hit the return button? At UAVenture we specialize in hybrid VTOLs and are always looking for new vehicles to get flying fully autonomous so we put a Pixfalcon in it and installed PX4.


The versatility of the PX4 autopilot makes it possible to easily integrate it into any form of VTOL out there so it only took a few changes and a new mixer to make the Convergence fly (and a bored engineer over the holidays ;)).


For a video of the very first autonomous flight and links to the build log (including the pull-request to PX4) checkout http://uaventure.com/2016/12/30/the-tiltrotors-are-coming/

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  • If you guys have more questions on how to set it up or hack the configs, feel free to ask in the following chat on Gitter: https://gitter.im/PX4/VTOL

    Btw, I've just tested a soon to be pushed update for the PX4 Convergence that enables Acro mode. So apart from all the benefits you get with a full autopilot you'll then also be able to fly it in the same modes as with the original flight controller. I can tell you already it's awesome ;)

    - ada

    PX4/VTOL - Gitter
  • I see. It's a wrong calculation from me. We need 7 PWM :-(

  • Hello Andreas

    I have placed yaw at the transmiter to channel 8 and change in QGC RC_MAP_YAW to 8. After a re-calibration of radio it works.

    But how can I change it now in the model code?

  • Hello Andreas

    I see. Therefore channel 4 (yaw) is not used. Is it not possible to put channel 4 to a higher channel so as to be able to use all 6 outputs?

  • Hi Jürgen

    Can I use the pixracer?

    No. Unfortunately the Convergence requires 7 PWM outputs and the Pixracer only provides 6. Because of the way it needs mixing on the tilt mechanism (tilt and yaw actuation) and on the elevons (roll and pitch actuation) you cannot use PWM inverters to combine channels.

  • This is true in most cases and I'm pretty sure it will just work.

    Some more technical background on this for the other 1%:

    MAVLink specifies an API to request certain message streams which is used by some OSDs (such as the MinimOSD) to tell the autopilot what data it needs to fill the overlay. I know that PX4 publishes a default set of message streams for OSDs anyway so it's normally not needed to let the OSD talk to the flight controller. I'm almost certain that this applies for APM as well.

    - ada

  • @andreas,

    the osd consumes the mavlink messages and doesn't do anything else.

  • Hello Andreas

    Can I use the pixracer?

  • Hi Robert, thanks for mentioning that. I guess it should work when both are reading from the Pixfalcon but only the telemetry radio is sending to it (but I'm not the electronics expert).

  • wouldn't be a problem. just create a y-cable.

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